Ariat Cobalt™ XR Technology

Ariat Cobalt™ XR Technology

About Ariat International

Ariat International is a brand that has been in the business of designing and manufacturing high-quality apparel, footwear, and accessories for outdoor activities since 1993.

The company was established by Beth Cross and Pam Parker who have seen Ariat grow to become an internationally reputed name with headquarters based out of California today.

They are committed towards creating products that offer excellent performance while being comfortable enough so as not to create any hindrance during use!

Ariat Cobalt™ XR Technology

Ariat’s® performance technology is designed to provide dynamic cushioning, stability, and flex with every step.

The Ariat Performance Technology was created in order to reduce stress on your body as you work or play hard.

Using a variety of components including Dynamic Cushioning for comfort plus Stability + Flexibility so you can move more efficiently around the field makes it easier on your joints too!

  • Your feet will stay cool and dry with the low-friction footbed that regulates temperature.
  • The orthotic arch supports are made from gel cushions, which provide superior shock absorption so your every step feels comfortable.
  • Propulsion Grid in heel delivers rebound for energy return while Precision engineered composite forks work to support balance on an anatomically designed ergonomic outsole flexing easily as you walk or run

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