What is the Difference Between Dress Pants vs Chinos?

Currently, men’s fashion has the two most popular options that make consumers quite confused. These are the two models of dress pants vs chinos.

What is the difference between these two types of pants that makes it so difficult to choose? If you have a headache because of this problem, then our article below is for you.

What is the Difference Between Dress Pants vs Chinos?

Although chinos are very popular nowadays, many people confuse them with dress pants because of some similarities. Let’s learn about the difference between chinos and dress pants to see the distinguishing features. It includes parts, materials, design, and context of use offline!

What is the Difference Between Dress Pants vs Chinos? 1
The difference between dress pants and chinos


Chinos pants and dress pants have a relatively similar design. But each pair of pants has its style.

First, chinos will give us a simpler look than dress pants. These pants are extremely versatile in many different environments. However, for luxurious events or settings, chinos are not suitable. Why?

We will outline some key features of dress pants. Also, explain why these pants are more formal than chinos. And almost all dress pant types have the following common characteristics:

  • Center crease: For dress pants, there will be a straight crease in the center. Straight lines are on each side of the trouser leg.
  • Outer texture: Dress pant is smoother and shinier than Chinos pant
  • Completely different material than jeans: You won’t see any patch pockets or splints on the dress pants. Including decorative or embossed stitches. However, these features are quite common in traditional Chino pants.
  • Stitching: There will be a meticulous seam on the inside between the two sides of the pants for dress pants. This makes them appear much smoother, cleaner, and more elegant.
  • Folds: In chinos, there are very few and almost no wrinkles, common only in dress pants.
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What is the Difference Between Dress Pants vs Chinos? 2
Material of chinos

As for chinos pants, when it comes to materials, cotton fabric mixed with artificial fabric is the raw material for producing these pants. The fabric creates a certain stretch, lightness, comfort when moving and moving.

That’s why chinos pants are loved and used a lot. In addition, cotton material should absorb sweat well, helping the wearer feel cool and comfortable.

The dress pants use softer wool than the chinos pant’s cotton.

However, dress pants also made from synthetic wool blends are cheaper and quite popular. Therefore, your budget factor will play a decisive role.


Secondly, chinos are sewn in a tight form and are usually ankle length. If you like it, individuality can be up. Besides, standard chinos generally have 4 pockets, the hem can be rolled up from about 3-5cm. These pants will form the most beautiful and common form for those with long legs.

Chinos come in many different shapes. It depends on the circumstances in which you go to school, work, or go out, in more formal terms called formal and casual.

In each situation and environment, you should combine styles and colors to best suit. Chinos pants have many designs such as Slim form, wide-leg shape, pleated.

The way to maintain

Dress and chinos pants are both very popular outfits in men’s wardrobes, especially office workers. However, proper use and maintenance will help the pants last longer.

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If washed and stored incorrectly, pants are easy to fade, ruffled, or even lose their shape.

For dress pants, you should use a dry cleaning method. Although the wool material looks very easy to get dirty and the smell lasts a long time. Therefore, the washing and maintenance of this type of pants will be more complicated than chinos.

It is worth mentioning here that woolen clothes are easy to shrink if you use a washing machine. So take note of this! Even using modern detergents can break down the wool molecules.

A plus point for chinos pant is that it is relatively easy to wash and maintain. Because the material is cotton and cotton, it can be washed in a washing machine. Besides, chinos pants are resistant to high temperatures, and there is no risk of fabric shrinkage.

Usage context

What is the Difference Between Dress Pants vs Chinos? 3
When to wear dress pants

Along with the things that I said above, dress pants are often more luxurious than chinos. Therefore, depending on the time you choose, dress pants will be more appropriate.

Let’s say your party has a dress code. Special mention is to the use of formal attire. Of course, it is appropriate if you choose dress pants and avoid wearing chinos.

In addition, the shiny and smooth texture of the dress pants will make us more formal and elegant. In short, each pair of pants will be suitable depending on different usage contexts:

  • Formal: Dress Pants
  • Casual Or Semi-Casual: Chinos Pants
  • Business Casual: Chinos Or Dress Pants
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are you going to wear with dress pants?

Classic combo for office brothers, shirt, and dress pants is always a duo to help you look more masculine and mature.

If you come with a pair of western shoes, they will make you a lot more luxurious. In addition, you can combine it with a simple T-shirt or polo shirt and loafers for the weekend.

2. What about Chinos? What should we combine?

If you like an elegant style, chinos pants mixed with a rolled up shirt are for you. Or a loose, comfortable t-shirt is a basic and easy choice. In addition, you can combine sports shoes, a dynamic, relaxed style.


Hopefully, by reading this far, you have understood the difference between dress and chinos pants. Choose a pair of pants that best suit you. If possible, buy your wardrobe two pairs of these pants! You will definitely need both for a special occasion!

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