How to Clean Mold off Leather Shoes

Footwear on the market today is available in a variety of colors and models; more specifically, they are also made from different materials, helping users easier to choose a pair that best suits each usage situation

Among canvas, sedue, leather, etc., it can be said that leather is the most popular material because of its high aesthetics as well as ease of cleaning.

We can effortlessly see a pair of leather boots or leather sandals everywhere in daily life. However, learning how to clean and maintain leather shoes can be something not accessible to many people.

Actually, shoes that are not used for a long time or improperly stored will be in extreme condition, especially in highly humid climatic conditions.

So, how do you treat your leather shoes when they have ugly mold spots and give them back to the original beauty? Today, we will give you the best answer on how to clean mold off leather shoes. Check it out now!

3 ultimate methods for how to clean mold off leather shoes
How to clean mold off leather boots fast at home

What Causes Mold on Leather Shoes?

Before learning about the ways to remove mold on leather shoes, we should first find out the cause of the moldy pairs. Therefore, we will be able to learn from experience for the next use.

Basically, mold is known to be a polymorphic bacteria easily attaching to dirt and growing in the air. It has many colors, such as green, red, black, etc.

Their appearance is due to 3 main reasons: the right temperature, humidity and necessary nutrients in ingredients easily absorbs moisture.

What Causes Mold on Leather Shoes?
What causes mold on leather shoes?

Regardless of your shoes’ color, just oily leather or suede shoes are more likely to develop mold.

Besides, it can also thrive on other leather types such as cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, etc., and mostly it is developed in the toe, sole and seam parts of the shoes.

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How to Clean Mold off Leather Shoes?

For mild mold leather shoes

For mild mold leather shoes
Methods to clean mild moldy leather boots

If you find out that the leather shoes have just got mold, do not worry too much because by the following simple methods, you can handle them. Use a small soft brush or towel to gently scrub the surface of the shoe.

The newly formed mold can be removed with the bristles of the brush. Bear in mind that using medium pressure while cleaning; If manipulated too hard, the stain can fall deep in, making the cleaning process even more difficult.

Then, use a clean cotton towel dipped in 1 of the solutions below to gently scrub the shoes.

  • Use a fungicide solution mixed with warm water in the ratio of 1: 100.
  • Use a specialized cleaning solution.
  • Use alcohol mixed with water in the ratio of 1: 1.
  • Use diluted dishwashing liquid.
  • Use lemon juice.
  • Use egg whites.
  • Use potatoes.

Simply, after gently rubbing the shoes with a brush, cut the potatoes into thin slices. After that, take the slice of potato to rub in continuous circles over the mold until the mold has been blown away.

Finally, wipe off the potato sap from the surface of the shoes with a damp cotton towel, and allow them to rest for 30 minutes.

*Note: Potatoes should not be rubbed for more than 1 minute over a certain area and also should not be used with strong force.

Another good way to get mold off leather boots is using white candle wax. You just need to use 2 small candles, a little clean water, and those ugly mold areas will fly away immediately. What to do:

  • Step 1. Take the candle wax to rub on the moldy leather shoes.
  • Step 2. Use a hairdryer to blow to the places where you have rubbed the candle wax.
  • Step 3. Then use clean water to wash the parts you have scrubbed.

For heavy mold leather shoes

If shoes are heavily molded, the areas to be cleaned are numerous and it is difficult to remove all as described below. Don’t worry, Oak Street has plenty of great ways to show you just here.

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1. Use sandpaper

For heavy mold leather shoes
Use sandpaper to clean mold on shoes

This way you will remove the mold quickly, but remember to apply it with light pressure because sandpaper can scratch your beloved leather shoes!

Step 1. Use sandpaper to rub it over the mold.

Step 2. Wipe the area with a soft cloth soaked in warm water.

Step 3. Finally, let the shoes dry naturally in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

2. Use dish soap

lean mold off leather shoe Use dish soap
Use dish soap to clean leather shoes

This way, you have to prepare dish soap, clean water, soft towels and a small brush/ soft toothbrush. Got all that? Let’s get to the instructions.

Step 1. Clean the shoes then wring out the water.

Step 2. Dilute dish soap with clean water.

Step 3. Use a brush to dip in the solution and then rub gently on the surface of the shoe, concentrated in places with many mold marks.

Step 4. Rinse shoes with clean water to remove any soap bubbles left.

Step 5. Bring shoes to dry in natural sunlight or windy places.

*Note: When scrubbing your shoes with a brush, be as gentle as possible, but be sure to rub the spot where there are lots of mold marks so the solution can concentrate on removing the stain.

You can use special cleaning solutions for boots instead of dish soap or soap.

3. Use shoe polish

clean mold off leather shoe Use shoe polish
For heavy moldy condition, boot polish or moisturizer can help

The last and most useful way is to use shoe polish. There are many types of polish with many colors for you to choose from. Two main types of shoe polish:

Cream: effective for color stabilizing, softening and conditioning footwear; especially moisturizing and providing maximum durability for shoes.

Wax: better on polishing and waterproofing. This type of polish will limit your shoes to be moldy due to moisture absorption.

How to Prevent Leather Shoes from Mold Again?

To be able to prevent them from getting mold again, you should take more care of your leather shoes.

For instance, after you have removed the mold, you apply lotion or balm to the surface of your leather boots.

Besides, you can use a soft cloth to rub vigorously on the surface in a circular direction with fresh milk, or oil mixed with vinegar in a ratio of 3:1 to refresh your lovely pair!

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Another important thing when it comes to keeping leather shoes from mold is to avoid shoes getting wet. If the shoes are wet, you need to treat them immediately by drying them with a soft cloth.

If the shoes are sopping a lot, it is okay to wrap up old newspapers and stuff them in the shoes for 1-2 days.

In case you have not used them for a long time, you can drop into the shoes a few packages of desiccant. The desiccant seeds are effective for both food and leather preservation.

How to Prevent Leather Shoes from Mold Again?
How to prevent boots from mold

When washing leather boots, be sure not to rinse for too long, as long infiltration can cause the mold to return. In addition, drying shoes in a dry place with natural sunlight will help the shoes to be ventilated and mold will not have a chance to return.

You can also store shoes by stuffing them in a sealed plastic bag. This is great for areas with rainy summers. The specific method is as follows: first, we use a damp cloth to clean the shoes, dry and polish it, wait a while.

Then, we use a shoe brush to shine the shoes. Following that, we put the shoe in a plastic bag, trying to make the air in the bag escape completely.

Finally, we can use a piece of rubber to tightly tie the top of the bag. This can also prevent the shoe from drying out, deforming, or becoming moldy.

In a nutshell

Leather shoes always bring elegance to the wearer. But if not in use for a long time or being preserved wrongly, they can easily become moldy.

Without timely treatment, mold will quickly grow, spreading the entire shoe and even damaging them. Mold not only makes boots not as good as they used to be, but also is harmful to the user.

Hopefully, some of the methods on how to clean mold off leather shoes above will be of help to you.

If you have any more interesting and effective ways, do not hesitate to share with us right away. Thank you for your attention!

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