Best Ways on How to Clean Timberlands

Although shoe fashion is always changing, The Timberland has never been hot thanks to its strength and sustainability. Have you owned a pair of this famous brand for your own yet?

If so, then do you know how to clean Timberlands properly to keep your shoes always in good condition? In case you are still confused, we will introduce you to detailed instructions on how to keep your Timberland shoes always clean and fresh like brand-new ones!

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Timberland is a famous shoe brand

About the Timberland brand

Timberland LLC is a well-known American clothing and footwear manufacturer. Although there are many different product lines, shoes and leather boots are still the most prominent products of the company.

With a distinctive design of a high neck shape and thick cowhide – which is suitable for both men and women, Timberland shoes possess various outstanding advantages, such as waterproofing, high durability, good protection, heat retention, etc. These shoes always have good elasticity in all weather conditions and provide a comfortable feeling for the wearer.

Timberland’s motto is “Best Then, Better Now“. Therefore, with more than 45 years of formation and development, Timberland has created a “huge trend” in the market, becoming the first choice of many voguish footwear lovers.

Another thing that helps the brand win their fans’ hearts is that their shoes are made of natural and environment-friendly materials.

Because of the above benefits, the selling price of Timberland boots is not cheap. Depending on the material and style, they will have a specific selling price, but the lowest price must also range from 85 to 100 USD. However, it’s still a good deal to own a pair of trendy and good-quality shoes, right?

How to clean Timberlands at home

Things needed to clean Timberlands
Things needed to clean Timberlands

Before starting the Timberland shoe cleaning procedure, make sure you prepare all the things we mention below:

  • A brush/ Toothbrush
  • A towel
  • An eraser or a suede cleaning stick
  • Soap snacks
  • Detergent for nubuck or suede
  • Fine sanding paper
  • Conditioner or waterproofing agent
  • Warm water
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Once you have got everything, let’s get started!

1. Start with small areas in the first place

The very initial step of any Timberland cleaning session is brushing the boots thoroughly to remove small debris. To do this, use a soft brush and start sweeping at the top of the ankle, then keep the task back and forth over the entire surface of the shoe. Don’t forget to sweep on the lower part of the boots as well. In particular, the base is more likely to catch gravel and dirt.

The reason why we should use brushes instead of towels is that they can access corners and cracks of the shoe. However, be careful when using the brush in leather shoes, as the brush has very hard bristles that can scratch the skin.

A soft and clean toothbrush will be suitable for a small number of debris sticks to the boot. Meanwhile, if there is more waste, you should use a brush to remove as much as possible before proceeding with other cleaning steps.

Timberland also sells a specifically-designed kit to clean the brand’s boots. Therefore, you can buy these specific brushes for your suede or nubuck pairs. If your Timberland pair has a few minor scratches, remove them with a simple pencil eraser, a regular suede eraser, or the Timberland cleaning stick. Remember to gently rub the scratches with the tools until they disappear.


– Erasers or cleaning bars can remove most scratches and light stains from day to day. Still, they are ineffective at removing dirt or debris from the entire boot.

– If you buy a skin cleaning kit, be sure to buy the products that match your shoe’s skin tone.

– Try to clean locally on a regular basis. For example, if you use Timberlands every day, removing dirt from the shoes once a week is especially important. Providing them with weekly maintenance will keep them looking fresh and new for a long time.

2. Continue to clean the boots thoroughly

Firstly, check the shoes once again to see whether you already sweep all the dirt or not. This will help you avoid the risk of getting your hands and your home dirty.

After the check-up, you need to remove the laces from each boot and set them aside if they’re clean. If not, wash them by hand and let them dry before putting them back in the boots.

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Wash the laces with warm soapy water until the dirt is completely gone. For better cleaning, rub them with soap and then soak them in warm water. After cleaning, hang them to dry. You can also put them in a pile of clothes in the washing machine. But remember, if they are too dirty, it is better to wash them separately from your clothes.

Next, use soap, warm water, and a soft brush to scrub the outside of the upper part of the shoe. Move the brush only in one direction to keep the boot surface in good condition. In addition, try to apply minimal pressure to remove surface dirt. Continue rubbing and applying cleaner if necessary, until the surface is clean.

Bear in mind that you need to keep one hand inside the boot while you are cleaning it. Doing this will allow you to apply pressure against your hand to the area you are cleaning, which will prevent the boot from collapsing while you rub. You can also use your hand to push the wrinkles you want to remove. If you push them while cleaning, the detergent’s pressure-humidity combination will help reshape those areas.

Now, we move to the bottom of the shoes. Scrub the base with a toothbrush and mild dish soap. Wash the rubber soles with water and scrub them with soap, using a toothbrush. In the end, rinse with warm water to remove the nagging debris and examine your work.


– Always follow the detergent’s instructions.

– You can also use a soft toothbrush to thoroughly clean the seams of the shoe.

– Perform deep cleaning when necessary. The frequency with which you need to deep clean will depend on how often the boots are used and how dirty they are after use.

If you use your shoes every day and they are very dirty, you will need to clean them every week. If the boots are still relatively clean when in use, they may simply need to be cleaned once a month or every two months.

The Timberland cleaning kit
The Timberland cleaning kit

3. Finally, dry and polish the boots

If the boot is deformed after cleaning, you should repair it before drying. The toe part is usually the part that suffers this issue mostly because of its cleanliness. To solve the problem, crumple the paper and place it in those areas. You can use newspaper, scrap paper, paper bags, or any other type of paper to form the boot shape.

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After cleaning, let the shoes dry naturally with warm air. It will take approximately 24 hours to dry completely, depending on their moisture content at the end of the cleaning process. Do not expose them to strong heat, such as fire or dryers because high temperatures can melt the sealant or destroy leather parts.

Once the boot is completely dry, you still need some care for its appearance. Take a dry, clean brush to gently sweep the boot surface in only one direction to make the skin look like new again. Following that, apply a conditioner or waterproof on boots to protect the newly cleaned surface of them. Typically, these products are applied by placing a little of them on a clean cloth and spreading it over the entire surface of the boot.

Conditioner serves to keep the skin flexible and not dry while waterproof products prevent water from seeping into the skin. Both products are very useful for shoes, but you should not use them at the same time. For a better result, follow the package instructions before the process.


– For Timberland shoes, never wash them in a washing machine because the hard sole of the boot can easily flake off. Even after washing shoes by hand, do not dry them with a washing machine.

– When drying your shoes, you should keep shoes standing in shape to prevent warping. Basically, Timberland shoe shape is very fixed but it’s still necessary to form them even when dried.

How to clean Timberlands
How to clean Timberlands


Each shoe brand has a different material, therefore, when cleaning any type of shoe, you should pay attention to use the proper ways of cleaning to keep them in good condition. And here, we have learned together how to clean Timberlands effortlessly at home.

As you can see, with just a few items that are easy to buy and inexpensive, you can make your own shoes look new and shiny in seconds. Just remember that in addition to thorough hygiene, doing this regularly is also a contributing factor to keeping your beloved pairs more durable. Hopefully, the above information will be useful to you. Good luck!

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