6 Simple Hacks on How to Dry Shoes Fast after Washing Them – Pros and Cons

Shoes have long been our companions on all roads, making us confident to walk on every terrain as well as helping to level up our outfit style.

However, the way of washing shoes and drying them is still an obsession for many people since if they dry shoes incorrectly, there is a high risk of discoloration. Or even, the shoes are deformed badly and can not be worn anymore.

And yet, how to dry shoes properly is one thing, how to store and preserve shoes to keep them always fresh and retain great quality is another story.

If the above issues are your recent concern, read the following this article, we will show you great methods for drying shoes quickly, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Let’s check it out now!

6 simple hacks on how to dry shoes fast after washing them - Pros and Cons 1
How to dry shoes effectively

6 Effective Ways on How to Dry Shoes Quickly

Drying your shoes is the final stage of the washing process, and it’s also an important step in seeing the results after washing them – a pair of clean, fragrant shoes.

However, for many people, this step can be quite thrilling because if not properly dried, all good images of a clean shoe evaporate easily with sequelae of moisture and an uncomfortable smell.

1. Dry Shoes Under the Sun

6 simple hacks on how to dry shoes fast after washing them - Pros and Cons 2
Dry shoes under the sun

Using sunlight to dry shoes is the most basic method we can tell. However, not everyone is doing it right.

When it’s a sunny day, dry your shoes under a tree you can see, and dry them in the sun. Many instructions say that you should not dry your shoes directly in the sun, but according to my experience of washing dozens of shoes every two weeks,

I find this way is still ok, but not from 11:00 to 2:00 pm. Sun exposure from 8 am to 10 am is still a good way to remove bacteria in the shoes.


As mentioned above, this way costs you nothing, like money or much effort. This natural way also give your dry shoes a


You can only apply it in the daytime or on sunny days. And if you put the shoes directly under the sun too long, they might be too dry and deformed.

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Dry shoes with a hanger

What if there is no sun and you have to wash your shoes on rainy days? If the weather is windy and cloudy, definitely a bad day to wash shoes, but due to some force majeure, you must wash shoes, then keep reading our article to find out the solutions.

On such days, when finished washing shoes, put them upside down on the hanger. For this method, you can also buy shoe drying plants, which are like a stick where you plug your shoes in and turn them upside down to let the water drip.

Then, keep them in a cool, dry place. The wind will partially dry it out. After about a day, your shoes are drained but not dry. Take it down and use the dryer to dry at the correct temperature from cool to warm without using too hot will remove the glue at the base

2. Dry Shoes Quickly With Rice

Put the shoes in a plastic bag or cloth bag, then add the rice to the bag and tie it. In about 2 hours, you will find the shoes absorb moisture much more quickly and get drier.

6 simple hacks on how to dry shoes fast after washing them - Pros and Cons 4
How to dry shoes with rice


Using rice to dry shoes is simple and especially time-saving, only for 2 hours. Perhaps there is no natural method that can do such a thing.


The quicker it dries, the more rice you will need. So, you have to spend a large amount of rice then.

3. Dry Shoes Quickly With Salt

Salt is also a great natural method to dry shoes functionally. Here are the detailed steps

  • Roast a handful of salt on the pan until the salt is warm, but not burnt.
  • Pour the roasted salt into two small bags or two clean socks, then put each bag on each pair of shoes.
  • Check the shoes after 1-2 hours. You may need to keep the salt bags in your shoes until they are completely dry
6 simple hacks on how to dry shoes fast after washing them - Pros and Cons 5
How to dry shoes with salt


It costs almost nothing. You can use existing kitchen salt to do this.


This method does not take long but the time for the shoes to reach the desired dryness is quite long. If you need to dry your shoes quickly, hot salt may not be the most effective way to go.

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4. Dry Shoes Quickly With a Newspaper

This is another easy way to dry shoes. All you need to do is

  • Choose newspapers with few images, few large texts.
  • Tear off the page and then roll it into small pieces.
  • Put newspaper pellets inside the shoes until the shoes are tight.
  • To be sure, you can use an extra layer of newspaper to wrap the shoe with the effect of drying the outside.
6 simple hacks on how to dry shoes fast after washing them - Pros and Cons 6
Put newspaper in shoes


This is the easiest shoe drying method anyone can do. This approach is also suitable for canvas shoes, both suede, and hard sole. The time for the newspaper to dry the shoes was also quite fast.


If you do not notice, if you take the newspaper pages with many large, bold, or many images, it will be easy to get ink in light-colored shoes, making the shoes smudged.

5. Dry Shoes Quickly With a Dryer

Bear in mind that this way is only for cotton or synthetic shoes, absolutely not for hard-soled or leather ones.

Here is the process:

  • Turn on the dryer on moderate heat, not the highest setting.
  • Keep the dryer 20-30cm away from the shoe, pointing straight to it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the condition of the shoe.
  • During the drying process, you should change the direction of the dryer, drying evenly on the sides of the shoes.
6 simple hacks on how to dry shoes fast after washing them - Pros and Cons 7
How to dry shoes with a hairdryer


This shoe drying method is quick, easy, and doesn’t cost any extra tools. The total time can range just from 30-60 minutes.


The dryer is not applicable to some materials, especially suede, because high temperatures can damage and peel thick leather.

6. Dry Shoes Quickly With a Fan

If you want your shoes to dry quickly without being subjected to direct heat from the dryer or the air conditioner, you can hang them near the fan, place them near the air conditioner or put them on the ground below the air conditioner.

How far or near it is, and how long the shoe will completely dry will depend on the amount of heat or wind that the devices emit.

6 simple hacks on how to dry shoes fast after washing them - Pros and Cons 8
How to dry shoes with a fan


This is a traditional way to make full use of the heat and wind from electronic devices in the house to dry shoes. With this quick-drying method, you can rest assured to wait for your shoes to dry quickly

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If you accidentally set the temperature too high, the shoes can become hot, peel off or cause an unpleasant odor. In particular, this method can not be applied to leather shoes, but only used for canvas shoes, cotton shoes.

6 simple hacks on how to dry shoes fast after washing them - Pros and Cons 9
How to preserve shoes properly

Other important notes

To support the last step – drying your shoes easily and effectively, there are a few things you need to remember:

  • Wash thoroughly, note that rinsing thoroughly until there is no longer foam left. Improper cleaning is the main cause of bad smell in shoes.
  • Do not dry shoes directly in the hot sun, especially around noon.
  • Avoid washing shoes at night (unless they get wet in the evening). Many people just want to dry their shoes overnight, but it’s not a good idea at all! The longer it takes to dry the shoes, the more bacteria appear and the more likely the shoe smell. Instead, try to do the process in the morning.
  • Always wear shoes with a pair of socks to prevent sweat from feet which can leave a bad smell on shoes.
  • Washing regularly is a way to keep shoes clean.
  • You can buy a dryer specifically for the shoe to make the drying process easier and time-saving than using a hairdryer.
  • When using a hairdryer, you should turn on a moderate level, ie. the cool/warm mode. Avoid too hot heat that can melt the glue on the sole.

In a Nutshell

How to dry shoes fast after washing them is a common question because no one can stand wearing wet shoes. In fact, wetness in the shoes may cause some adverse effects such as foot blisters, bacteria invasion in and outside the shoes, etc.

Some people only have a few pairs of shoes, therefore they have to use them quite often. As a result, the need to frequently clean the shoes is also increasing, and at that time they will need to dry the shoes as quickly as possible to use them for a certain purpose.

Or, during the rainy season, knowing how to quickly dry shoes will help you limit the moldy and unpleasant odor of shoes. Hopefully, the above effective quick shoe drying methods will help you have a clean and fragrant shoe for regular use.

If you have any other great tricks, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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