How To Prevent Knee Injury

Knee injuries are a common problem in athletic performance, squatting, running, or any form of exercise. The reason is that they put excessive pressure on the knee that can lead to injury after a while. How to prevent knee injury?

9 best tips on how to prevent knee injury?

9 Best Tips on How To Prevent Knee Injury
Knee injuries are a common problem

Some tips to protect your knee from injury as below: 

Practice incorrect technique

Improper training is the main reason causing knee injuries. It is not unreasonable that exercises are born, they guarantee that your training will be effective. However, if you practice the wrong technique. You will not find the effect except the consequence.

You should perform the movements as technically correct as possible. That makes more sense, especially when acting at high speeds. One note is that you should avoid sudden heavy movements. Besides, you should also build an exercise program that gradually improves time by time to avoid overexertion.

Wear suitable shoes

Good shoes will help maintain balance and good alignment will help in preventing concussions.

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It sounds simple, but in fact, the role of shoes is very important for your health. No need to exercise, an uncomfortable shoe will adversely affect your bones, muscles, and joints in your daily life.

Besides quality and comfort, the size of a shoe is also quite important. If you are looking to buy a pair of work boots for bad knees, you should find out or ask a professional salesperson to show you the most suitable shoes.

Losing weight helps reduce knee injuries

More weight puts extra stress on the knee joint while standing, walking, or engaging in any form of physical activity. Losing excess fat will greatly reduce your chances of getting a knee injury.

The best thing is to pursue a healthy BMI. By doing so, you can avoid knee injuries caused by weight.

Divide your practice time evenly

Concentrating energy and playing hard on a free weekend will tire or overload your body, especially your knees. Instead, you should spread the training time throughout the week to avoid knee injury.

Accept the limits of the body

Everyone’s health condition is different. It can be trained to get better with reasonable intensity. You should not force it to get better after 12 days. So, adjust your sports techniques and tactics to suit your strength. It’s important to know what your body’s limits are to avoid them getting hurt.

Regular knee massage

If you regularly engage in vigorous activity or exercise, massage can greatly reduce pain and reduce other symptoms of injury. It helps to relax muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Furthermore, massage improves blood flow promoting faster healing. Natural oils such as rose, clove, or coconut can be used for massage because they have anti-inflammatory properties. Massage can help you relieve pain and reduce inflammation in the painful area of your knee.

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Wear knee protectors 

Wearing a knee protector is the best way to prevent injury. It helps limit the range of motion of the knee, keeping it in the correct position. In addition, it also helps to prevent the knee from being scratched during falls.

It is really necessary when you play sports such as cycling, rollerblading or exercising with intensity. If you have small children, it’s great if you can help them form the habit of wearing knee protectors from a young age because they are very useful.

You should choose elastic knee protectors with additional splints or patella cushions in case you have had an injury.

Wearing a knee protector is the best way to prevent injury
Wearing a knee protector is the best way to prevent injury

Use foods that are beneficial for bones and joints

Nutritionists highly recommend that you ought to balance your meal with foods that increase joint slime. On the other hand, you can maintain bone density (omega-3, vitamins D, K, calcium), build muscle (protein) and have powerful anti-inflammatory effects (like vitamins A, B, E).

Other advice

  • Warm-up properly before exercising: Studies suggest that warming up and stretching muscles reduces stress that builds upon joints.
  • Choose light exercises: Depending on your body condition, you should choose the right exercises. You can try light exercises like swimming or jogging on the treadmill.
  • You need to take 5 to 10 minutes to gently stretch your muscles after each practice session.

Subjects likely to knee injuries

Anyone, any age is at risk for a knee injury. Normally, knee injuries are common in people who often play sports, especially those with strong impact movements. Besides, they can appear in cases of sudden changes in position (for example sudden turns, jumps from above, etc.). In addition, knee injuries are also common in traffic accidents, work accidents, and so on.

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Symptoms of knee injuries

When not treated promptly and properly, knee injuries can lead to dangerous complications such as:

  • Ligament injuries such as ruptured, torn ligaments, sprained tendon attachment points will lead to the condition of the knee joint becoming unstable.
  • Fractures in the knee joint can cause neurological and vascular injuries and an increased risk of infection with open fractures.
Knee injuries can lead to dangerous complications
Knee injuries can lead to dangerous complications

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which sports can I follow to help increase knee strength?

You can do gentle or advanced types of physical activity such as:

  • Walk
  • Ride bicycle
  • Strength training exercises
  • Water sports
  • Yoga
  • Practice nourishing life like tai chi, meditation

These are sports that can improve strength and increase musculoskeletal flexibility. These also help reduce stress because stress has the ability to trigger inflammatory markers, including arthritis.

2. Do joint protection tonics help?

You should really take supplement tonics to protect your joints even if you are rarely or often active. These supplements work to reduce symptoms of joint pain, support the treatment of arthritis such as glucosamine sulfate crystals.

3. Why are knee injuries so common?

The knee is extremely vulnerable because it has to work with the highest frequency as well as bear all the forces from the ground and the body. Unlike hips, which are surrounded by bones, knees don’t have too much support around them. The soft tissue around the knee is responsible for providing all the support.

Closing Points

Thanks to the above sharing, Work Boots Insider hope that you have already learned “How to prevent knee injury”. Body is a treasure. Thus, make sure you protect it properly!

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