How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking – The Ultimate Methods

Shoe squeaking is a very uncomfortable thing for the wearer. Besides, we will sometimes feel extremely embarrassed by such noise when going to crowded places and especially where there is a need for quietness.

If, unfortunately, one day, your beloved shoes suddenly fell into the situation above, what should you do?

Have you ever thought of throwing them away?

Okay, don’t rush to it yet since this is actually a small bug that we only need to spend a little time to fix, and here we have the answers for you.

Let’s learn how to stop shoes from squeaking right now!

The Reasons Why Your Shoes Keep Squeaking

The discomfort loud phenomenon in the shoes might come from numerous following reasons:

  • The most common cause of shoe squeaking is friction between the upper and outer sole. The formation of moisture from the foot rubbing against the sole, or vice versa, makes a “scratching” sound. You can easily see this happen in new leather shoes or sneakers.
  • The second cause of the above occurrence might be from the insole of the shoes. Shoes with a broken heel or trapped air in the bottom can all make awkward sounds.
  • Another possible situation for such noise is that when the insole is loose and it keeps sliding against the outsole as you walk. If you fall into this case, then you have no choice but to go to a professional shoe repair shop to change your heels.
  • There is another thing about the insole. If the shoes make the squeaking noises when you walk and you feel there is too much space around your feet, the shoes are too roomy.
  • Last but not least, the shoe squeaking is also due to friction between the outsole and the floor. Sometimes, when the sole gets into contact with the floor, the sound can be created.

It means that the outer sole is too rough, which generates friction while you are walking. If the shoe bottoms have grit stuck on them, they are likely to make squeaking noises as you walk on tiles.

8 Ways How to stop shoes from squeaking

1. Glue

How to stop shoes from squeaking1
Super glue is useful to stop shoes from squeaking

If you find out that the heels of the shoes are wobbly, leading to a creaking noise, sticking the glue to them is a good idea.

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You just need to apply a little Super Glue or Rubber Cement to the shaken heel, then press it for a few seconds until it is firmly attached. This is also an easy solution for you to do at home.

Note: This will not work for shoes with Urethane waterproof materials. For expensive high heels, you should bring them to the shoemaker to avoid the risk of damage!

2. Silicone

How to stop shoes from squeaking 2
Use silicone to stick the open soles of the shoes

Similar to the glue method, using silicone caulk to stick to the open soles of the shoes is also helpful to deal with the squeaky noise. In this way, you need to buy a silicone tube with glue tips or a special silicone product to repair shoes.

After that, place the tip of the glue tube in the gap between the shoe and the sole and slowly squeeze the glue until it fills the gap.

Fasten shoes and soles with elastic straps, heavy objects, or special large-size clamps and leave them overnight to dry naturally. In the next morning, let’s experience the effectiveness of silicone sealant in stopping shoes from unwanted sounds.

3. Powder

How to stop shoes from squeaking 3
Flour or  powder can help you to stop noises from shoes while walking

Where your shoes make a noise, let the powder take care of them! Once you know which part is causing the squeaking noise, sprinkle it with flour, cornstarch, or baby powder.

These things can absorb moisture, reducing noise caused by the friction of two parts in the shoe. Here are some common areas and how to fix them:

  • If a squeak is coming from inside the shoe, pull up the insoles and sprinkle powder along the contours.
  • If the insole cannot be removed, apply powder to the edge of the sole.
  • Sprinkle powder on the blade under the laces if the blade makes a squeaking sound.
  • If the sole is chattering, which may be due to the air cushion, apply the powder to the sole of the shoe in the contours.

4. Saddle soap

How to stop shoes from squeaking 4
If you don’t mind the risk, you can use saddle soap, too.

The use of saddle soap is a controversial issue among fine leather shoe owners.

Some people claim this product is drying out the skin, while others say this product is not damaging anything at all. If you don’t mind the risk, apply some saddle soap on the problem area, and polish it with a dry towel.

This is especially effective when dealing with boot blades that cause creaking noise.

Note: Do not use saddle soap on suede!

5. Lotion/Conditioner

How to stop shoes from squeaking 5
Apply lotion or shoe conditioner on the shoes to make it soft

In addition to the methods listed above, you can also apply a conditioner or petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, to your shoes. If you wear leather shoes, apply a skin conditioner to the shoes and then polish them with a dry towel.

For other types of shoes, smear a thin layer of petroleum jelly or lotion under the insole to help the parts rub against each other more smoothly.

6. Replace shoe pads

How to stop shoes from squeaking 6
Change shoe pads

Many people do not notice that the heel of our shoes always has a pad that helps reduce the sound significantly when the heel collides with the floor. After using it for a while, the gasket wears off and no longer works to reduce the quality of the heels.

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The easiest thing needed to do now is to run right away to the nearest shoe store to have new pads replaced. The cost is quite cheap while the work time is also fast.

In some cases, a few pairs of shoes are attached with a free pair of cushions, therefore, before going to buy you check the box to see whether or not there is!

7. Throw in the dryer

How to stop shoes from squeaking 7
Put shoes on dryer will also prevent the awkward noise

Wet shoes are one of the reasons for making noisy sounds. If your favorite pair is trapped with water, you can dry them out using the dryer of the washing machine.

Toss the shoes with a little bit of fabric softener onto a sponge into the washing machine, then choose the dry mode for less than ten minutes to avoid the risk of ending up with shrunken, heat-damaged shoes.

8. Rub with a dryer sheet

How to stop shoes from squeaking 8
Another useful method is the dryer sheet.

The last yet quick solution on how to stop shoes from squeaking is slipping a dryer sheet under the insole. This creates a buffer to stop the noise effectively. You can easily find this product on any shoe stores or a shoe repair shops.

How to walk to stop shoes from squeaking?

The upper information is all ways you can apply to stop the noisy sounds from the shoes with problems. However, what if your shoes are not broken but still making noise?

Well, bear in mind that the possibility is due to the way we walk. Here are a few tips to help you move properly so that it doesn’t cause annoying sounds.

Use heel to contact the floor first

Many people do not pay attention to how to walk, so they often use their whole feet to land. This is a way to make beautiful shoes often clumsy, especially when walking on a brick floor with high heels.

Therefore, you should note that the easiest way is to use the heel to land first and then to the tip of the back foot. This will create a smooth and light feeling.

Lean the back

Leaning back is also a good way to avoid squealing from your heels. However, this is not easy because you have to try so that you could walk not only naturally but also comfortably.

Visualize walking in a straight line

Usually, many of you wearing shoes tend to look at your footsteps. Still, this is an ineffective approach if you want your shoes to stay quiet. So, it is best to visualize yourself walking in a straight line to create the best gait.

Choose the correct foot size

It’s necessary to buy a pair that fits your feet because shoes that are too tight or too loose will make your walk extremely clunky and unnatural.

However, it is worth noting that whether brand-name or casual shoes, you can choose a pair slightly larger than your foot size to avoid toe swelling by the friction of the big toe with the shoes.

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How to choose your foot size:

  • Shoes of 5-7cm high: Choose a size ½ larger than your foot size.
  • Shoes of 7-12cm high: Choose a size 1 larger than your foot size.
  • Shoes of 12cm – higher: Choose a size 1.5 larger than your foot size.

Gently curl the foot

While walking, gently bend your foot to create pressure inside the shoes. This will not only help your feet fit more closely but also make you walk more firmly and confidently.

Go lightly and slowly

Except for urgent work that needs to be resolved quickly, you need to walk gently and comfortably to create a confident and seductive attitude.

How to stop shoes from squeaking

Other tips to fix your shoes from different problems

Remove bad smells in shoes

To overcome unpleasant odors in your shoes quickly, just put some tea bags in the shoes and leave them overnight. Immediately, the smell will blow away and replace it with the gentle scent of green tea.

Additionally, with the essence of natural substances plus antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is a kind of miracle that helps you to remove odors and cure blistering problems quickly.

Fix loose shoes

Using loose shoes regularly will cause scratching, blistering, or even bleeding on your feet. To solve this problem, you need to prepare a silicone pad to add to the shoe heels or toes. Subsequently, your feet will perfectly fit the wide shoes in just a few minutes.

Fix tight shoes

To save tight-fitting shoes, you just need to prepare yourself zip bags, then pour water in and seal them. Next, you put the zip bags in tight shoes and put them in the freezer for about 6 hours.

It can be said that this is considered a simple method, helping you stretch shoes effectively.

Treat scratches on the heels and toes after wearing new shoes

In order to best deal with scratches and blistering in your heels and toes, you can use a band-aid to cover the skin that is prone to pain and likely to contact shoes most. It will ease the pain instantly and help you comfortably wear shoes all day.

Final thoughts

After all, you need to know that squeaky noise on shoes is a hint showing that something is wrong with your shoes. And sometimes, these odd sounds can lower your confidence, as well as affect the way you focus on working.

Hence, you need to solve the problems as soon as possible.

As a shoe lover, we understand how much you want to keep your favorite pair. Luckily, instead of throwing them away, you can consider fixing them with a few simple tips.

So, after reading the article, you now know how to stop shoes from squeaking in different possible ways. We believe that you can do a pretty good job of repairing a pair by yourself with all the mentioned methods.

In case you have some more interesting approaches, let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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