How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big – Top Simple Tips and Guide for You

When it comes to footwear matters, a difficult problem for most people is how to choose the right size.

In fact, our feet come in a variety of shapes, so it is not easy to say whether your exact foot size really fits every shoe of that measurement or not.

For example, two people have the same foot size of 7, but one has narrower legs, the other has wider legs.

Then, when trying on a pair of 7 footwear, one of them will immediately fit, while the other miserably shoves his feet in.

Bear in mind that shoes that are too big or too small can cause various health problems like blistering and swelling.

So, instead of rushing to the shoe store to get your size, which can have the opposite effect later, you should slowly try on each pair; that’s the first right step!

Although this can take a lot of time in the shoe store, it is one of the important factors to consider before you go to the cashier.

Today, Workwear Magazine is also ready to provide you with good tips on how to tell if shoes are too big, as well as how to avoid buying the wrong shoe size.

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big - Top Simple Tips and Guide for You
How to tell if shoes are too big

The Negatives of Wearing Too Big Shoes

Wearing loose shoes has a bad impact on health as well as movement. Specifically, the action will cause the following harms:

Shoes that are larger than foot size will make you even stumble while moving. That is why your feet will be sore, especially when you walk a lot.

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Wearing loose shoes causes the foot to suffer some injuries, such as aches, sprains, dislocations, etc. since the toes must use force to try to keep the shoes while moving.

You will feel less confident and always focus on the footwear.

Using too big pairs also detracts from the aesthetics.

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big in Just a Few Steps

Sometimes conclusions are not easy to give quickly, so you need to follow these tips to check if the shoe fits your foot.

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big
A few tips on how to tell if shoes are too big for you

1. Check the size

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make sure your shoes are too big. The first thing you need to do is compare your normal shoe size with the shoe size number; Depending on the type, this number can be located in the heel area or under the shoe.

2. Lacing

For lacing sneakers or shoes, wear them as usual and then tie the laces. If you have to keep tying the laces multiple times to make the shoe fit better, the shoe is already too big or wide.

3. Use your index finger to check

This way is very simple; Just put on shoes, push your toes forward so they are neat but not pressed against the front of your shoes. Following that, thread your finger inside the shoe. If space is enough for two or three fingers to get in without any resistance, that pair is too large.

4. Lift your toes when wearing shoes

Alternatively, try lifting your big toe while wearing shoes. If the shoe fits, you should be able to feel your big toe and also feel a bit of space between the toes and the shoe.

5. Wear shoes to walk around

For a better feeling, put on those shoes and walk a few laps. If you feel the foot slipping so much that you have to bend your toes to prevent it, or you feel quite loose around the sides, it means the shoe is too big.

The difference between tight and fit

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big - Top Simple Tips and Guide for You 3
Tight shoes are different from snug ones

Above all, you need to know the difference between tight shoes and snug ones so that you can recognize which one is the perfect fit for you.

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Tight shoes

If the pair painfully rub your toes in the toe box area or smash uncomfortably against your heels, then it’s too tight for your feet.

However, in this case, you can easily know if the shoes are too tight in width because you will not be able to try them on.

Snug shoes

Those pairs are the kind of you can pull on but might feel somewhat stiff or extra form-fitting, moving not really comfortably. In reality, some shoes made to fit snugs will loosen if in use for a long period or with the help of a few tools.

3 Effective Ways to Make Big Shoes Fit

There are many reasons that can lead to shoes that are too big for you, including

  • Online shoe shopping: If you have to buy shoes on commercial forums, sometimes there is no size consultant. At that time, you will usually choose your usual foot size number, but the problem here is that each shoe has a different design and shoe form, so your shoe size may not be fixed.
  • You are given the shoes: Of course, it is very difficult for the giver to know the exact number of your size.
  • The shoes get wider after a long period of use: This issue is unavoidable for some shoe materials. After being used and washed many times, the footwear can be loosened.

So, if there is a wide pair on our shoe shelf, don’t waste it. Let’s improve this problem with the following 3 extremely simple ways:

1. Wear extra socks or thick socks

Wear extra socks or thick socks
Wear sock to make big shoes fit

If your shoes are wide, make your feet bigger! This method is the simplest because socks are indispensable items that everyone already has.

Choose breathable socks so that they won’t be overwhelmed. But note this method should only be applied to high-necked shoes or sneakers.

There are other types of shoes such as leather shoes, loafers, etc., or if used in the summer, you should choose another method that is more suitable.

2. Shoe pads

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big - Shoe pads
Shoe pads help loose shoes fit

This approach is quite popular because of its effectiveness and can be applied to many types of shoes. An additional insole will fill the gap of the shoe, in case the shoe is wide.

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The pads can be easily purchased from the outside, but there are many different large, small, thick, and thin models, so, consider choosing the right size for your shoes as well.

3. Put newspaper into the shoes

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big - Put newspaper into the shoes
Put newspaper in too large shoes

This approach is also very popular to make too large shoes fit. Note that, you need to insert newspaper at a level that keeps your legs balanced so that it will not affect your gait.

Instructions for Measuring Shoe Sizes for Men and Women

Shoes are an important and indispensable accessory for both men and women. And to choose the right shoe you need to first understand your foot size.

1. How to measure foot length?

To have the most exact foot size, you should follow these steps below:

Step 1. Place your feet neatly on a blank sheet of paper. Mark the point on the heel and the point at the tip of the longest toe.

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big - How to measure foot length?

Step 2. Use a ruler to measure the distance between two points just marked

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big - How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big - How to measure foot length? 2

Step 3. Use a tape measure to measure the width of the leg by wrapping it around the widest part of your foot at your bunion joint.

How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big - How to Tell if Shoes are Too Big - How to measure foot length? 3

2. Shoe sizing charts according to international standards

Here are the shoe sizing charts for both women and men according to international standards.

Shoe sizing charts according to international standards
Women’s shoe sizing chart
Shoe sizing charts according to international standards mens
Men’s shoe sizing chart

*Note: To find the best shoe size for your own foot, you should measure your feet according to the instructions above to find the best fit.

Last Thoughts

Shoes that are not the right size, whether they are too tight or too wide, will bring harms to your feet. Therefore, it is very important to measure the correct foot size before buying shoes.

Because footwear sizes can vary between brands and styles, so you may well need to go a shoe size up or down at times. The size on the label does not matter if the shoes fit perfectly on your feet.

After all, always try to apply the tips on how to tell if shoes are too big above, so that you can take better care for your feet while wearing different lovely pairs of shoes.

Hopefully you find this information useful. Thank you for reading! If you have other good hacks and tips, feel free to share with us!

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