How to wear Chelsea boots – Top ways to level up the style for both men and women

Chelsea boots are a type of men’s boots from the UK with snugly hugging and stretching elastic features on the leg sides. You can confidently match these shoes with a variety of outfits on different occasions, from luxury parties, formal office environments to dates.

It can be said that Chelsea Boots shoes are an indispensable fashion accessory in any gentleman as well as women’s wardrobe. However, if you are still curious about how to wear Chelsea boots the most fashionably, then you can refer to some of our cool suggestions below, which will definitely help you transform your style to be more shiny and impressive!

Before we get into the main point, let’s clarify what the Chelsea Boots look like and how many types of them, so you can combine them with the best outfit!

How to wear Chelsea Boots for both men and women

What are Chelsea Boots?

A pair of Chelsea boots comes from the Victorian era, which was invented by J. Sparkes-Hall – a bootmaker for Queen Victoria. Its name stems from the Chelsea region of London.

Chelsea boots are designed with elastic rubber side ankle to easily slip on and off without laceless. The boots are suitable for both men and women, the ankle-high style traditionally features a small heel and tab on the back to make sliding the boot on easier. During the 1950s and 1960s, the Beatles and even the Rolling Stones made a hit with this shoe style.


  • The most distinctive mark is the classic masculine beauty that is hard to resist for any guy who owns a pair of Chelsea Boots. Whether you are a fan of elegance, masculinity, or rebellion and unisex, the shoes cannot be out of your must-have shoe locker.
  • The shoes are very tight with elastic or vulcanized rubber on two shoe sides. They are usually ankle-high; the toe tip is pointed, while the toe surface is often wavy.
  • The shoes are designed for both men and women. There’s always a cloth hook on the back that makes wearing easier.
  • The shoes are made of 2 separate front and rear leather pieces, connected together on the side of the shoe by vulcanized rubber. The heel of the shoe is usually relatively low.

Types of Chelsea Boots

These famous boots are usually divided into two main styles based on the materials for making them, which are: Leather Chelsea boots and Suede Chelsea Boots.

Leather Chelsea Boots

The traditional Chelsea Boots have leather soles, and usually, this is a great option that you should consider. However, not all shoes are made of this material. Some manufacturers may offer shoes with different materials to meet the needs of many customers, but if you want a classic look, leather is the best material.

Suede Chelsea Boots

The suede Chelsea Boots are also an interesting choice for everyday style, although they are sometimes not very suitable for the humid climate. Classic black suede is the perfect companion to skinny jeans. Meanwhile, light brown shoes will be a good choice for dark jeans. If you love this material, always keep on the shoe shelf the spray kit for waterproofing or cleaning dedicated to suede.

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How to choose suitable Chelsea boots?

Before you spend money on Chelsea Boots, the first and most essential thing you need to do is to make sure it is a good product for you. Check out the following important things to do:

– When choosing any shoe, foot size and shoe size are two things that should be considered a priority. If possible, try them out in person before buying to make sure you have a perfect fit. If not, you can refer to the exact shoe size measurement when buying online.

– There are some innovative boots nowadays, using laces instead of traditional elastic fabric. Or to be precise, this is not Chelsea Boots. There are many variations of this shoe style, so carefully consider its features before buying.

– You should choose boots with toes made of leather or suede.

– Most Chelsea Boots have a black leather lining, so this is a notable thing to keep in mind when it comes to identifying the shoes.

– Last but not least, it is the elastic quality of the shoe, which is an indispensable element of Chelsea Boots because they affect your shoe comfort, shape, and longevity.

How to wear Chelsea Boots for men?

Leather biker jacket

The boys can have a try on the dusty and cool street style by combining a biker jacket with jeans, and a pair of leather Chelsea Boots shoes. This is especially right for those who are looking for a different, new yet still classic look.

Leather jacket with Chelsea boots

The biker leather jackets are “hunted” deeply by stylish young people in recent times. They show the youthful, dynamic, impressive personality of the wearer, therefore, they are definitely an indispensable piece in every guy’s wardrobe. Biker leather jackets are the perfect contrast to the elegance and maturity of Chelsea Boots to create a great combination.

Turtleneck sweater

The cold winter will also not make it difficult for the guys to choose the outfit if they know how to mix men’s Chelsea Boots with turtleneck sweaters.

If you don’t prefer too many layers of clothes but still want to ensure warmth, then a turtleneck sweater going with warm Chelsea Boots is an ideal formula for you.

Turtleneck sweaters with necklines that carry both classic yet trendy features will make your set stand out more than ever. This style is also one of the popular winter dressings for guys.


Due to its extremely versatile outfit combinations, freedom in style, Chelsea Boots is associated with men in any fashion sense, and casual is no exception.

A man with T-shirts and Chelsea boots

No need to be too complicated, what you need is to make use of basic white T-shirts and blue jeans. That’s enough to attract all eyes! Trust me, a pair of Chelsea Boots coming with a round neck T-shirt always makes the boys more attractive and elegant.

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For winter, the gentlemen can try on sweaters, jeans, and a pair of Chelsea Boots together. This perfect combination will definitely refresh your style.

Jeans and Chelsea boots are also suitable for mix-matching

The suede low-necked boots not only keep you warm but also give you personality, outstanding on cold winter days.


Suits always show men’s elegance and masculinity, these personalities will become stronger if you combine your suits with a pair of Chelsea Boots. This harmonious combination not only elevates the style but also helps the guy attract all eyes on him.

The perfect combo:  suits and boots

In the 1960s, when the legendary band The Beatles appeared with Chelsea Boots on suits, that fashion style made the world explode. To the point that the Chelsea Boots model was then named after the group’s name, “Beatle Boots”.

Long coat

Long coats and Chelsea boots on the street

Long-bodied coats are a fashion item that attracts both genders, and it will shine even more when combined with Chelsea Boots. This outfit matching will not only help you blow away the winter cold air but also make you look trendy.

Office clothing

If you think your Chelsea shoes are just for outside business hours and weekend datings, you’re wrong. These boots are so versatile that they can also be worn in formal office wear. The key to matching them together is finding the right balance. Opt for a subtle, muted leather shoe style, but avoid glossy leather as they may seem overkill.

Choose clothes that match the nature of the job and the work environment such as chinos, Oxford shirts, and sleeveless shirts to wear. You can choose to add patterns to your blazer or shirt but be very elegant!

How to wear Chelsea Boots for women

How to wear Chelsea Boots for women

From the original flats, Chelsea Boots are variations in many different designs and motifs to suit girls. Any girl should not ignore a pair of Chelsea Boots in winter.

Depending on how the clothes are mixed, these boots will take on the responsibility of giving people certain styles. The most popular combination is popular with skinny jeans or sleek leather body pants, they will give you a very dusty look, helping you to fully express your personality. In contrast, when mixed with a dress, you will instantly blend the sweetness, like a cup of hot chocolate!

To go more in details, let’s see how many items you can mix with Chelsea Boots

Midi skirt

The black midi skirt is almost a fashion accessory every girl buys should have at least one. The type of skirt is also loved due to its convenience to the wearer.

Black leather Chelsea Boots and midi skirts

Regardless of ages, when a girl wears this skirt, she instantly appears youthful. Especially when the skirt is accompanied by suede Chelsea Boots, the outfit shows the full power of female seduction. If you wear suede shoes, be sure to take the time to clean your shoes regularly so that your accessories are always new, achieving the required shine.

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Skinny jeans

Girls can mix skinny pants with boots

This set is popular with both males and females. While men will immediately show the strong and trendy in this dress style, women will look extremely cool with this luxurious street style. It’s even more complete when you wear a round leather hat with innovative fashion lines.


If you have a slightly fat body and modest height, the combination of leggings and boots will give you a super standard figure. Especially with black boots and black leggings, your legs seem longer, and the body is fitter.

Long dresses

Make vintage maxi dress less boring with Chelsea Boots

Vintage floral dresses have made women fall in love with their femininity and elegant features. Instead of a pair of Mary Janes or flat shoes, why don’t you mix these dresses with boots? Surely you will have a more fashionable and excellent set, which still remains the lightness that you love.

Long cardigan and overalls

A strange yet cute combination: overalls and Chelsea boots

Well, this mix seems pretty strange, but if you haven’t tried it, how can you judge, right? Overalls and long cardigans combined with boots are also the outfits you can choose from when you do not know what to wear with Chelsea Boots. This outfit will help you to be more mischievous.

Notes when wearing Chelsea boots

– Make sure that your pants are the right length to cover the neck of your shoes, not messing.

– When you want a casual look, choose suede material. When it comes to dressing and politeness, traditional leather shoes are the perfect choice.

– Cover your Chelsea suede shoes with water resistance to keep them looking durable in all weather.

– Choose brown or black Chelsea shoes depending on which one best suits your outfit.

– When picking clothes to go with Chelsea boots, you should pay attention to simple but classic items such as round neck sweaters, V-necks and polo shirts, flared skirts or jeans, hugging trouser pants. No matter what style you love and what fashion sense you have, Chelsea boots can accompany you.

In a nutshell

In general, Chelsea Boots can easily be combined with casual wear and can be an alternative to a sporty style or sometimes to a formal look. Whether you wear Chelsea boots of leather or suede materials, they both show off your distinctive characters. Try to choose a style and pair it with your favorite Chelsea Boots shoes from now on! A pair of skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, a denim jacket, and a pair of black leather Chelsea Boots is not a bad mix-match at all.

Chelsea Boots is one of the very easy to mix shoes to switch between seasons. Thanks to their flexibility, they have long been a mainstay in men’s apparel lines for many decades. With our best ways on how to wear Chelsea boots for both men and women above, you can have the most effective ways to style your look without being affected by time and climate.

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