How to wear linen pants to work? It’s not hard to choose

It is no coincidence that the fashion world calls linen pants a typical summer item. Linen pants have excellent ventilation and sweat absorption features. Besides, linen pants also help the wearer create a dusty appearance but still retain the elegant look.

Although it is not difficult to dress well with linen pants, there are still very specific rules when it comes to dressing up. So, how to style linen pants?

How to wear linen pants to work?

For the perfect look at work, linen pants will keep you cool and comfortable. Because linen is light and absorbent. Linen pants are chosen by many office girls. Here, we suggest you a pair of flannel pants with a simple design. White makes you elegant and elegant in front of your colleagues.

A long-sleeve tank top will pair perfectly with white linen pants. The dark blue shirt with a knot in the front is very feminine and striking. If the weather is chilly, you can add a gray sweater. It is both fashionable and warm.

For this outfit, we’ll choose a pair of thick pointed toe heels to make your legs look longer. Finally, a black leather handbag completes the look. We are sure that you will look very professional and fashionable at work if you experience this suggestion.

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Elegant and striking style with a pair of white linen pants
Elegant and striking style with a pair of white linen pants

What shirt should be worn with linen pants?

The advantage of linen pants is that they are thin, light, breathable, have good moisture drainage and do not cause skin tightness. This is the first choice of many women, especially working women.

However, many women still do not know what type of shirt to mix and match to create a stylish look. However, linen pants are easier to coordinate than you think.


Of course, you can’t ignore everyone’s shirt. No matter what style of linen pants you choose, you can easily include them in your fashion item list. Say no to fancy and colorful T-shirts. Instead, give your preference to basic black and white or plain colored shirts. This combination will give you a minimalist look, light but no less youthful and elegant.

Without frills, you can choose a basic white t-shirt with bow details and wear them with plaid linen pants. This arrangement is not only comfortable but also helps you “cheat your height” by elongating your legs.

Linen material is usually not mixed with too many colors. People often let them show off their natural beauty. So neutral colors will be a great choice when you want to combine any fashion item with linen.


Shirts are also great companion items with linen pants. The combination of these two fashion items will give you a gentle, elegant look of French girls. To wear a shirt with linen pants, choose loose and soft shirts. You should not choose tight-fitting shirts.

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A pair of loose white linen pants with a light blue shirt will be the perfect outfit when going to the office. They are light and full of the breath of the busy independent 21st century woman.

You will look very trendy with a pair of white woolen pants and a loose shirt
You will look very trendy with a pair of white woolen pants and a loose shirt

You can also completely transform them with layer styles. These linen pants and tone-sur-tone yellow high heels are the highlight of the set.

Another good choice is to wear all linen. It is monotonous if you choose linen shirts or pants with the same color tone. Choose a cream linen shirt and naughty rolled up linen pants.

Crop-top shirt

Crop tops are always a popular choice of many girls in the summer. Of course, the girls will not ignore it if they intend to wear linen pants.

This summer, crop tops with a bow-tie design in front of the chest are especially popular with many girls. They not only bring a glamorous and trendy look but they also bring a feeling of comfort and coolness.

The loose linen pants combined with the crop top add more charm and dynamism to her. Linen material combined with wide leg pants will make her more comfortable when working. This is great for girls with chubby bodies.

Late shoulder shirt

With the outstanding advantage of showing off her sexy bare shoulders and collarbone. This will be a good choice for girls who don’t know what to wear with linen pants. Sexy but not revealing is always a factor that many girls put on top when choosing outfits.

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We recommend choosing an off-the-shoulder top with a striking fringe detail with plaid linen pants and a pair of leather slippers. This will be the perfect combo whether your destination is an office or a weekend party place. If you still don’t know what to wear to work today, try this outfit combination.

A perfect outfit with a fringed off-shoulder top and blue striped linen pants
A perfect outfit with a fringed off-shoulder top and blue striped linen pants

Linen pants combined with off-shoulder tops will bring dynamism, femininity, and tenderness to those with slim bodies. Especially those who have slim shoulders, the combination of off-shoulder tops is very suitable.

Tank top (or Two-piece top)

This combination has the sound of casual style but no less attractive. They are highly functional, so they will be extremely suitable if you go to work or go on a date. Keira Knightley has been storming with her fashion sense for a long time. She always chooses comfortable and highly functional clothes. The clothing material that she often chooses is linen.

Linen pants and tank top are always the minimalist choice of actress Keira Knightley
Linen pants and tank top are always the minimalist choice of actress Keira Knightley

You will look very youthful when you choose to combine a white tank top with beige rolled up linen pants. A pair of cool brown sandals will make the outfit more complete on summer days. Fashionable and sexy is your fashion style when wearing wide-leg linen pants with a camisole two-piece top.

By the time you finish reading our article, you already know how to style linen pants. Hopefully, this interesting information will help you find ways to mix and match with linen pants. We believe you will be stylish and confident to work at your best.

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