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How to Clean Mold off Leather Shoes

3 ultimate methods for how to clean mold off leather shoe6

Footwear on the market today is available in a variety of colors and models; more specifically, they are also made from different materials, helping users easier to choose a pair that best suits each usage situation Among canvas, sedue, leather, etc., it can be said that leather is the most popular material because of its…

How To Clean Leather Boots And Shoes Faster

Different types of boots need distinct ways of cleaning

The cold season is the golden time for many kinds of boots, from short to knee-high ones. Besides the task of keeping the feet warm, they also express the fashion style and character of the owner. Since they are used quite often, we have to take proper care of them. However, even though the number…

How To Break In Work Boots Faster

break in work boots 5

Each profession will need different types of uniforms. As for protective shoes, aka. Work boots, they are necessary to those who work at the construction industry or mechanic sites since these jobs require you to move in many different positions, in which you might be exposed to numerous dangers to the feet. Therefore, it’s really…

How To Break In Leather Boots Faster

Top methods on how to break in leather boots fast 7

It’s no surprise that nowadays all of us own numerous pairs of shoes suitable for each activity; for example sneakers, boots, event shoes, etc. Not only that, but we can also have shoes with different materials, such as leather, suede, faux leather, canvas, etc. Sometimes, we might not avoid the situation that there will be…

How to Break in Cowboy Boots Faster

How to Break in Cowboy Boots? – Some Easy Ways 1

There are many ways to break in cowboy boots, which will make you more comfortable while using them. At the same time, it also helps you reduce the blistering of the points of contact with shoes when used for a long time. In this article, we will send you some commonly used ways to break in…

The Differences Between Hiking Boots Vs Work Boots

Hiking Boots Vs Work Boots: The Main Differences Between Them 2

Many people use work boots instead of hiking boots while on hiking or trekking trips. Some people even believe that these boots are similar to each other. They just have different names. In fact, hiking boots vs work boots have many differences. If you want to choose suitable boots for your hiking trips, you should…

Firehose Pants vs Carhartt Pants: What Are The Differences?

Firehose Pants vs Carhartt Pants: What Are The Differences? 1

Among the workwear industry, Carhartt and Duluth are two real competitors. Choosing one from them seems hard due to some similar characteristics. You may need a comparison to solve the quiz. We will give you a side-by-side comparison in terms of material, construction, and designs between firehose pants vs carhartt pants. Please take some notes…

Dress Pants vs Khakis: What are the Differences?

Dress Pants vs Khakis: What are the Differences? 3

Men’s fashion has a lot of variety of pants. Dress pants vs khakis are two of those pants that are hard to tell apart. In the article, we’ll clarify the main differences so that you have a more suitable view of any situation. What is Dress Pant? Dress pants are suitable for formal or semi-formal…

What is the Difference Between Dress Pants vs Chinos?

What is the Difference Between Dress Pants vs Chinos? 1

Currently, men’s fashion has the two most popular options that make consumers quite confused. These are the two models of dress pants vs chinos. What is the difference between these two types of pants that makes it so difficult to choose? If you have a headache because of this problem, then our article below is…

The Differences Between Cowboy Boots vs Work Boots

Cowboy Boots vs Work Boots: Which One Is Better? 1

If you are love wearing boots, we believe that you have heard about cowboy boots vs work boots. However, do you know the difference between them? If you’d like to buy a pair of new boots, you should know these important things. Let’s find out useful information about cowboy boots as well as work boots….