The Difference Between Yoga Pants vs Leggings: Which Is Right For You?

In the market, it is not difficult to find models of yoga pants and leggings. Currently, a lot of people need to wear these two types of pants. Structurally they are quite similar. Many people out there are still confused between these two types of pants.

Some people even think that they are all the same type of pants. That thinking is completely wrong.

If you wear a bad case, it will make you uncomfortable. Sometimes it will be offensive to others. This article will help you distinguish the specific differences between yoga pants and leggings.

What are Leggings?

According to the use, leggings are a type of thin pants that help keep the body warm. Long, tight and tight texture.

Another name is tights. Leggings can be considered the most attractive pants model for women. Due to the simple design, it is easy to wear and comfortable.

The Difference Between Yoga Pants vs Leggings: Which Is Right For You? 2
Tights of leggings

What are Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are loose-fitting pants designed for the practice of yoga. In terms of tightness, it is not as tight as leggings.

In addition, this type of pants must ensure good sweat absorption. Yoga pants are just as popular as leggings.

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Not just for yoga, they can replace regular pants. Many women love to wear yoga pants even though they don’t know and have never practiced yoga.

The Difference Between Yoga Pants vs Leggings: Which Is Right For You? 3
What are yoga pants?

Difference Between Yoga Pants vs Leggings

The back of the pants

The difference between yoga pants vs leggings is the width of the waistband. Low-waisted leggings. Normally, you only pull up to the waist.

And yoga pants will have a waistband that is twice as high as leggings. The elastic can reach the middle of the waist and past the navel. With the back of yoga pants, it will support you to keep your waistline while practicing.


The nature of the fabric is also one of the differences between the two types of pants. For yoga, the material is much thicker and more stretchy than leggings.

Yoga pants help you comfortably perform poses without fear of tearing your pants or feeling uncomfortable. Pants hug the buttocks but will gradually widen down to the legs.

In contrast, leggings have a thin and smooth fabric texture. However, the fabric will constrict all over the foot and be easier to tear.


Most leggings are ankle length. However, the manufacturer still produces short versions at knee length and below the knee. Leggings are all tight-fitting and tight-fitting pants.

In contrast, yoga pants have more tube options such as breeches, flares, etc. In general, there is not too much of a difference in the legs of the two types of pants above.

Feeling when wearing

Many people say that the feeling of wearing yoga pants is much more comfortable than leggings. It can be caused by the thickness of the fabric, the stretch, and the fit.

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Yoga pants also feel more confident during exercise than leggings. Because the fabric is hard to tear.

However, in some cases, leggings are more convenient. For example, in winter, you can wear leggings underneath to keep your body warm.

In summary, each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the situation of each person, choose a suitable pair of pants.


In terms of style and design, leggings and yoga have many different models. Leggings will be more diverse than yoga in terms of materials. Popular versions of leggings on the market today:

  • Slim fit leggings that can see through the skin.
  • 100% cotton leggings are the type that people use the most. The fabric is thick, so you won’t see the skin inside.
  • The fur leggings have thick fur inside to keep the body warm.
  • Glossy leggings look like leather jackets.
  • Jean leggings for office people.
  • Leggings for sports, gym, yoga, ..

Due to the requirement of properties to ensure good absorption and not sweat, there will be less material for yoga pants. Usually, we will often see nylon or fine cotton. For the high-end, there are polyester and spandex yarns.

How to coordinate

Thin leggings are a form of underwear. So, you can wear it with a tunic or a dress. In addition, there are other types with thicker materials.

For the wide fabric version, you can combine it with a t-shirt, crop top, or strapless shirt. In winter, wool material will help keep the body warm and create a feeling of comfort. You can mix it with a long sleeve sweater.

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Meanwhile, yoga pants are specially designed for yoga and gymnastics. Therefore, shirts such as T-shirts, Tank tops, Sports bras will bring more comfort. Besides, it is equally fashionable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I practice yoga using leggings?

Because there are many types of leggings, yoga can still be used. You should choose materials that are thick and have a good stretch.

If you feel that long pants are inconvenient during exercise, knee-length leggings are the best choice. In general, leggings are very diverse. Not only practicing yoga but also practicing other subjects, you can still choose leggings.

2. Are yoga pants and leggings expensive?

Depending upon the quality, many store will offer different prices. A large amount of money will get you a good pair of pants.

However, if there are no conditions, you can still choose normal materials. There is also no difference in price between these two types of pants.

3. Where to buy yoga pants and leggings?

Most clothing stores sell leggings and yoga pants. Or at places that sell sports equipment, you can also buy them there.

If you don’t want to go out to buy, you can choose to buy online. In the market, many online stores are selling this product.

However, you need to know the store’s size chart to avoid buying pants that are too tight. Finally, choose reputable and well-priced places to buy.


Hopefully, the information can help you to distinguish leggings from yoga pants. From there, there is the right place to choose. If you have questions, feel free to ask us. Thank you for following this post!

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