Top 10 Best Summer Work Pants for Hot Weather Review in 2022

During summer, it gets quite uncomfortable to work in certain industries. The hot weather not only makes us sweat but also makes our bodies tire much faster in comparison to working in cooler weather.

One of the items we can depend on to ease the heat is the work pants we wear to work. That said, there special work pants that have been specifically designed for use in hot weather.

Top 6 Best Summer Work Pants for Hot Weather Review in 2021

The best work pants for hot weather are those that are breathable, comfortable, and durable as well. Even though not always essential, style is a bonus so that you can look well put-together and professional when engaging with some customers or clients.

Below are six important qualities that you need to take into consideration when shopping for hot weather work clothes.

Comparing the Best Summer Work Pants

1 Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Ranger Pant (Review) 4,5/5
2 Carhartt Men’s Canvas Dungaree Work Pant (Review) 4,4/5
3 CQR Men’s Hiking Pants (Review) 4,2/5
4 CQR Women’s Hiking Pants (Review) 4,0/5
5 5.11 Women’s Taclite Pro Tactical 7 Pocket Cargo Pant (Review) 4,2/5
5 Dickies Women’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pant (Review) 3,9/5

Top 6 Best Men’s Summer Work Pants for Hot Weather

1. Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Ranger Pant

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Ranger Pant for summer and hot weather


When looking for the best hot weather pants, this Wrangler Riggs pant should be among your top considerations.

They have been specifically designed for that man working in hot weather surroundings and have all it takes to keep you comfortable all through your working hours thanks to its breathable and tear-resistant construction material.

Not only have they been designed for use in hot weather conditions, but also for both difficult and normal jobs.

Made using the most durable materials, which is cotton, this work pant is capable of withstanding even the toughest of jobs with minimal wear or tear.

They are also durable, meaning that they will last you a while before needing another pair.

What I especially love about this work pant is the comfort it offers. Its relaxed fit makes it super comfortable to wear all day long. And apart from providing great comfort, also featured in this work pant are extra storage pockets for holding your work tools.

The only major downside to this Wrangler Riggs work pant is that it is a bit warm to wear.

  • Made using tear-resistant and breathable fabric
  • Strong and durable
  • Features extra storage pockets
  • Very comfortable
  • Suitable hot weather clothing for construction; can withstand both tough jobs
  • It is a bit warm to wear in hot weather
 This is hands-down one of the best work pants for hot weather. It is worth every dollar placed on it. 



2. Carhartt Men’s Canvas Dungaree Work Pant

Carhartt Men's Canvas Dungaree Work Pant for summer and hot weather


If functionality is what you need most from your hot weather work pants then look no further than this Carhartt Men’s Canvas Dungaree work pant.

This workwear sits at the waist and provides full seat and thighs for an extremely comfortable feel and fit; there is enough room in the thighs and seat for a full-motion range to get your job well done.

Thanks to the high-quality cotton used in the manufacture of this Carhartt work pant, these particular pants are not only durable and long-lasting but comfortable as well. In addition, these pants are super lightweight, which further adds to their comfort.

One of my favorite things about these pants is the several tool and utility pockets that have been included. These extra pockets allow you to have your work tools as well as other important utilities near you for when needed. Also included is a hammer loop.

The 19-inch leg openings of this work pant are also another great feature of this work apparel. The leg opening is wide enough to easily fit over your summber work boots.

The only thing I do not like about this pant is that it is not suitable for use for difficult jobs as it easily tears. Other than that, it is a great purchase.

  • Super lightweight work pants for hot weather thus very comfortable to wear
  • Durable
  • Features numerous utility and tool pockets
  • Has a roomy and generous fit
  • Quality could be better
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 These Carhartt lightweight pants are the true definition of hot weather work pants; super breathable, functional and comfortable. 



3. CQR Men’s Hiking Pants

CQR Men's Hiking Pants for summer and hot weather


The most impressive thing about this CQR Men’s Hiking Pants given their outstanding performance and quality outdoors is their cheap pricing. They are perfect for that individual who is shopping on a budget for a quality hot weather work pant.

The high quality of this pant is undeniable. Both the fabric quality as well as the stitching are on point. The fabric used in these pants is not only resistant to wrinkling, fading, and shrinking but also dries very quickly. The snap closure, closure bottom, and reinforced knees further enhance the pants’ durability and quality.

Comfort is key in your workwear and these CQR Men’s hiking pants are big on comfort. The material used in making it is thin, lightweight, and breathable for utmost comfort in warm weather conditions. The gusseted crotch together with the elastic waist is very comfortable and allows for a wide movement range.

And if you love storage spaces in your work pants, then you’ll definitely find the eight featured Velcro pockets to be very useful. Unfortunately, the pants’ sizing is not consistent.

  • Made using high-strength fabric that can withstand demanding jobs
  • Extra storage pockets included for carrying your tools
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Durable and long-lasting work apparel
  • The sizing is not consistent
 They are one of the most comfortable hot weather work pants on this list. These thin work pants are worth every dollar placed on them. 



4. ATG by Wrangler Men’s Reinforced Utility Pant

ATG by Wrangler Men's Reinforced Utility Pant for summer and hot weather


From pitching a tent to taking a hike, this ATG Wrangler pant will help you to complete all that in style. Specially designed for that man that enjoys the great outdoors, this comfortable and versatile pant features a mid-rise, regular fit, and straight leg that perfectly fits over hiking boots.

One reason why I love these ATG work pants is that they are moisture-wicking. Perfect for any outdoor activities, these moisture-wicking pants are designed to ensure that you stay dry even when working in hot surroundings. What’s more, the pants come with UPF 30 protection, which ensures that you are well protected from the heat of the sun.

Strong and durable, this utility pant can withstand tough and rough jobs and is long-lasting.  The reinforced knees provide added durability so that you can climb or hike with confidence. These pants are just perfect for physical activity.

Having being made using stretch canvas, these pants are comfortable to wear. The regular seat and thigh offer a comfortable fit as well. The extra storage pockets also make it a favorite among hikers.

Its only downside is that the stitching is poorly done and thus rips easily.

  • Comfortable
  • Keeps you dry all day thanks to the moisture-wicking properties
  • Protects from the heat of the sun; comes with a UPF 30 protection
  • The stitching is poorly done
 This is one of the few hot weather work pants that features UPF 30 protection; something that makes it stand out from its competition. It is certainly a worthy investment for those men who enjoy hiking or any other outdoor activities. 



5. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Pant

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Cargo Pant for summer and hot weather


Are you in search of a lightweight work pant that is suitable to wear in hot weather? If so, then you will love this Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Pant. This is one of the best summer work pants on this list thanks to its great features.

First, the pant is Omni-wick, which is the ultimate technology pf moisture management for the great outdoors.

This means that the pant rapidly transfers moisture from your skin into the pants fabric where it is spread across the surface and quickly evaporates. This keeps you cools and your work pant dry all through the hot workday.

Second, the pant is Omni-shade. This property allows the pant to block UVB and UVA rays from the sun thus preventing sunburns as well as skin damage.

Simply put, this work pant is capable of blocking the complete spectrum of harmful ultra-violet rays.

The best part about these men’s lightweight cargo pants is that they are versatile, durable, and very protective.

They have been specially designed to keep you protected and comfortable all day long. The trouser also has extra pockets where you can carry your important work tools.

This work pant is, however, very thin thus making it prone to ripping.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Breathable hence keeping you dry all day long
  • Cooling work pants thanks to their Omni-wick capability
  • Quick-drying
  • Features a UPF 50 protection from the harmful sun rays
  • The pant is very thin hence prone to ripping
 A hot weather work pant that any hardworking man would like. With all its great features, there’s nothing more to ask for. 



6. Dickies Performance Hybrid Utility Pants

Dickies Performance Hybrid Utility Pants for summer and hot weather


This is another incredible hot weather work pant for men. Unlike most of the other work apparel in this list, this Dickies utility pant incorporates temperature-IQ technology; when the temperatures are high and you get hot, the pants’ intelligent cooling regulates your temperature and controls it all through the day. How cool is that!

Apart from the mind-blowing Temp-IQ technology, this particular work pant features several storage pockets that assist you to stay organized when working by storing all the necessities and tools for the work ahead.

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There is also a mobility gusset that helps to keep you comfortable and capable of moving, and the trousers’ lightly sanded design makes them soft.

There is only one thing to dislike about this Dickies work part and that is its pricing. The cost of these work pants is a bit on the higher side. Nonetheless, it is a great buy.

  • Includes a Temp-IQ technology that cools you down during those hot workdays
  • Extra storage pockets for proper organization while working
  • Comfortable
  • The price is somewhat is high
 This is a work pant that I would definitely recommend to anyone working in very hot places. The Temp-IQ technology featured makes it suitable for such conditions. 



Top 4 Best Women’s Work Pants for Hot Weather in the Summer

1. CQR Women’s Hiking Pants

CQR Women's Hiking Pants for summer and hot weather


When it comes to women’s hot weather work pants, this CQR hiking pant is a top contender. Apart from being extremely comfortable to wear, they are quite functional as well making them one of the best work pants for women available on the market today.

Made using a breathable, thin, and lightweight fabric, this pant is quite comfortable to wear especially in hot weather.

The fabric is also stretch, which further adds to the comfort of the trousers and makes them easy to move around in. Another great thing about the fabric used is that it is resistant to wrinkling, shrinking, and fading.

What I especially like about these summer work pants is that they include UPF 50 sun protection. This feature goes a long way in protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun, thus making the pants a great choice for any under-the-sun activities.

And that is not all! The pants also include handy extra storage pockets that allow you to carry the utilities or tools that you will need to work.

The only thing I dislike about the pants is the sizing, which is very inconsistent.

  • Comfortable work pants since they are breathable and lightweight
  • Made using fabric that is resistant to fading, shrinking, and wrinkling
  • Has handy extra storage pockets
  • Comes with a UPF 50 sun protection
  • The sizing of the pants is inconsistent
 This is a great work pant for any under-the-sun activities. 



2. 5.11 Women’s Taclite Pro Tactical 7 Pocket Cargo Pant

11 Women's Taclite Pro Tactical 7 Pocket Cargo Pant for summer and hot weather


This is not your regular work pant. Made using durable and lightweight fabric, 5.11 Women’s Taclite Pro Tactical cargo pants have been specially designed to offer remarkable performance and comfort in hot and humid working conditions.

The high-grade construction of these work pants is one of their outstanding features. The pants have been made to provide utmost comfort even for the most demanding work situations, such as high temperatures. The material used in its construction is not only lightweight but breathable as well making it a great choice for summer.

The enhanced design of the pants makes them stand out from their competition. Reinforced with triple stitching, an action waistband, reinforced knees and seat, and a hip-mounted D-ring, this work trouser is not a joke. The improved design is made to reduce discomfort while offering reliable and incredible functionality.

The pricing is the only issue I have with the pants; the pants are expensive. Anyway, what would you expect from such incredible trousers!

  • Strong and durable
  • Comfortable to wear because it is lightweight and breathable
  • Cool work pants; enhanced design for better performance
  • The fabric used is liquid, stain, and oil-resistant thanks to the Teflon coating
  • It is expensive
 These are some of the most functional women’s work pants for hot humid weather. 



3. Dickies Women’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pant

Dickies Women's Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pant for summer and hot weather


Drawing their inspiration from military pants, Dickies Women’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Pants are among the top comfortable work pants for women in demanding jobs.

Popular for their handy storage pockets, these pants are designed for jobs such as emergency services or mechanic work; there are plenty of pockets to store the tools that you’ll need to get the job done.

These pants rest slightly underneath the waist and have extra room at the thigh and seat with a beautiful straight leg design. Made using 100 percent cotton, the pants feel great on the skin thus comfortable to wear all through the day.

What I especially like about these work trousers is that they are quite strong and durable. That said, if you are in search of a work pant that is not only functional but durable as well then you should definitely consider this one.

Its major downside is the sizing, which is not really consistent. Other than that, they are some of the best work pants for summer heat.

  • Comfortable hot weather work pant
  • Lightweight cotton work pants
  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with extra storage pockets to ensure that your work tools are close to you
  • Inconsistent sizing
 This is a worthy purchase thanks to its impeccable quality. Strong and durable, this Dickies work pant will last you a while before needing a replacement. 



4. Lee Women’s Wrinkle-Free Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Pant

Lee Women's Wrinkle-Free Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Pant for summer and hot weather


Classy and stylish, there is no better way of describing this work pant. If you are a woman that loves style and enjoys looking chic then this is the pant for you.

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Lee is known to produce high-quality clothing with long-lasting and durable construction in mind. In addition, Lee is dedicated to designing apparel that conforms to your body, thus allowing you to freely move around. That’s the case with these Lee work pants.

These pants are a must-have for all women. These straight-leg and mid-rise work pants are made using wrinkle-free fabric for lasting peace of mind and a gorgeous style that oozes effortless confidence. Also included in the design is a flexible waistband for added comfort and this stretch fabric allows for optimum movement.

Even though this particular work pant does not come with numerous storage pockets like most of the others in this list, it still has a few slim front and back pockets that provide convenient storage for small items.

The pockets should, however, be improved. That is the major downside of this work pant.

  • A classy and stylish work pant for women
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • The pants have a relaxed fit and are wrinkle-free
  • Included pockets are too shallow
 A stylish work pant for a classy look. This is a great choice for fashion-lovers. 



6 Important Features You Need To Consider When Buying Summer Work Pants

1. Flexibility

There is nothing worse than restrictive and clothing when you are hot. Not only is such clothing confining and distracting but can also put a serious damper on your productivity. You need flexible work pants; those that move as you move.

2. Ventilation

The choice of fabric is vital here. Breathable fabrics are the best. They allow heat to escape your body thus keeping you cool all through the hot workday.

Avoid bulky fabrics and instead go for lightweight fabrics that reduce heat collection, do not allow sweat retention, and gives you comfort. Look for pants that keep you cool during those hot work days.

3. Durability

Summer work could get quite intense. Your hot weather pants should be built to last regardless of the job you are involved in.

Your pants should be capable of withstanding not just the tough weather but harsh working conditions as well. For that, work pants made with rip-stop are the best for utmost durability.

4. Wicking potential

When working in direct sunlight or in the outdoors where it is hot, there is no doubt that you are going to get sweaty. Do not allow sweat to hold you back from doing a good job.

Search for work pants made using fabrics with wicking power. Moisture wicking work pants are those that keep you dry by pulling away moisture from your body. That said, look for dri fit work pants.

5. Practicality and functionality

When working outdoors, you will want to have easy and quick access to the different tools that you need for the job so that you can reduce movement and get the job done more efficiently.

Search workwear for hot weather that feature huge and handy pockets that will securely hold your tools. Also, once your workday is over, you will want pants that you can just toss in the washing machine and forget about.

6. Style

When meeting with clients, you will want to look good. Settle for work pants that have a professional and modern look whilst still providing the benefits required for working in the hot weather.


1. Are cargo pants good for summer?

The best summer outfits are those that are breathable and light. Cargo pants can be worn in summer and should be paired with some light-colored t-shirts or even polo shirts. Complete the look with some sneakers.

2. Is it OK to wear jeans in hot weather?

Jeans can be worn with anything that is not denim. During summer, some plain jeans and a tee shirt work just well.

3. What is the best material to wear in hot humid weather?

The best material for hot humid weather is cotton. Apart from being inexpensive and largely available, cotton is also suitable for high-temperature weather. It is soft, breathable, lightweight, and absorbs sweat thus allowing for heat to escape your body keeping you cool all day.

4. Are overalls cooler than jeans?

Both overalls and jeans have their own perks and flaws. Overalls are, however, more comfortable in comparison to jeans (concerning work pants). This is because they are often roomier and they do not get pulled down when you have tools clipped to the pockets. In hot weather, they can be a little warmer than jeans though you could flop down the upper part.

Wrap up: What are the best work pants for hot weather?

Our top picks are Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Pant (for men) and 5.11 Women’s Taclite Pro Tactical 7 Pocket Cargo Pant (for women).

Both these pants feature everything and so much more that one would need from their hot weather work pant. The former is light and breathable and also offers protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

The latter is also light and breathable and has been made using stain and oil-resistant fabric. Both pants have a lot to offer and that’s why they are viewed as some of the best work pants for hot weather.

Nonetheless, when shopping for your summer work pants, look out for certain features such as breathability, ventilation, durability, and comfort levels of the work pant that you intend to pick.

Working under the hot sun is not easy and that’s why you have to have the best clothing; work pants that keep you cool.

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