Best Work Overalls of 2022: In-depth Reviews and Buying guides [for Men and Women]

Working in industrial zones will cause inconvenience to you. When equipped with the best work overalls, your working process will become much more convenient. That’s why we wrote this review. 

Here, Workwear Magazine will share with you interesting knowledge around overalls and tips to choose the right overalls for men and women. Finally, we would like to suggest to you the best item for this year.

Top 6 Best Work Overalls for Men

1. Dickies Men’s Bib Overall 

Dickies Men's Bib Overall 
Dickies Men’s Bib Overall


Dickies is well known for the quality work clothes they design, and the overall Dickies painter’s bib is a testament to this. They are durable and feature three-stitch seams for added strength. We love the comfort and the pockets on these cool work overalls for guys the most.

The overall Dickies dib is 100% cotton. Although cotton is famous for its warmness, it is neither durable nor breathable. However, there is a difference and it is called dill. Dill is the result of a whole that is light and thin, yet of unparalleled strength. So it is not only comfortable but also breathable and can resist abuse.

The adjustable elastic shoulder straps also enhance comfort. Since your neck and shoulders will be burdened with tools and personal effects, having a flexible shoulder strap that will cushion against movement is a good touch.

There’s plenty of room to store your tools on Dickies. There are 2 front and back pockets, below the right front pocket there are two skinny pockets and one below the hammer strap. Then there is a bib pocket for personal belongings and a small pocket for pencils or flashlights.

One downside, though, is the straplines. You may find it keep sliding over to the max extend of length.


  • Pockets increase convenience when you have tools on hand.
  • The buckles slide easily through the strap so adjustment is painless.
  • They are comfortable and look pretty sharp.
  • Reasonable price.
  • They fit well.


  • Strap design could be better.

Bottom line 

But overall, Dickies overalls is still on our best men’s work overalls list. It will help you get maximum comfort while working! And that’s the most important thing.

2. Carhartt Bib Overall Unlined R37 

Carhartt Bib Overall Unlined R37 for men
Carhartt Bib Overall Unlined R37


Here’s another pair of rimless bib overalls that are great for fall or spring weather. They last long thanks to the fact that they are made from heavy-duty cotton. The hip-length trousers make this bib easy to wear with heavy work boots. You’ll also find plenty of utility pockets where you can easily carry your tools.

With a hefty price tag, these Carhatt men’s bibs stand out for their value. What helps them receive favor lies in the convenience of use. Material and durability are also what help them score points.

This bib extends all the way to your hips. This makes them really easy to wear with heavy work boots and you can easily take them off if it gets too warm. The knees of these bibs are reinforced for added durability. They also have a slot in case you want to insert knee pads. This feature makes these bibs ideal for those who have to kneel a lot.

However, you must consider the size carefully before buying, as the legs may be longer than your actual body.


  • These bibs have fully stretchy straps so you can adjust as needed.
  • The bib has high durability thanks to the thick cotton material.
  • You can easily carry your tools in these bibs thanks to the pockets and hammer straps.
  • Bandage full length from the bottom of the foot up to the thigh.
  • The knee is reinforced and has a slot to cushion the knee.


  • You should check the size carefully since the legs are too long.

Bottom line

A few cons can’t detract from our love of this jumpsuit for men. All in all, it still deserves a place on your work overalls list!

3. Liberty Stonewashed Denim Bib Overall 

Liberty Stonewashed Denim Bib Overall for men
Liberty Stonewashed Denim Bib Overall


What we love most about these Liberty Stonewashed Denim Bib Overalls is their versatility. 

If you wear it with a white button-down shirt and black tie, they become an instant peasant suit. And with all the placements in the bag, it allows you to carry a wallet somewhere other than the back pocket. For the unique closure, it’s almost impossible for the aforementioned wallet to fall out.

This is being rated in the best work bib overalls. Not only because of its very stable price as well as its suitability. Meta but do the is flexible and works in all situations.

In addition, a difference of the Liberty camisole is that it fits the body very well. You won’t worry about the belly part falling down too much. Or another problem is that the strap is always too long and hangs awkwardly. Those problems will not be caught when you use these overalls.

However, this is also a problem, you need to check the size very carefully. Otherwise, you will receive a pair of overalls that are smaller than your actual size. And so, it won’t be very fun.


  • The color of stonewashed denim is very easy to wear and suitable for any occasion.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • True to size.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Classic three-needle stitching for durability.


  • Check the size or it will be smaller than your actual body.
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Bottom line

If only you were more careful in choosing the size, this would be great overalls. This work bibs for adults worths every of your penny.

4. Arctix Tundra Ballistic Bib Overalls 

Arctix Tundra Ballistic Bib Overalls for men
Arctix Tundra Ballistic Bib Overalls


The Arctix Tundra Ballistic Bib is a great choice for an ice fishing bib if you’re more budget-oriented or just getting into the sport.

Just like Carhartt bibs, these pants are offered in bazillion sizes of 30×30 and up. However, I would recommend going up a size or two. Why? Since there’s only 85g of insulation inside, you may want to spread it underneath when driving for long periods of time or in cold weather.

In addition to the lack of water resistance, they have a lot of features. Reinforced cuffs, boots to keep out the cold and protect against scratches. The outer shell is laminated with breathable material to wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and warm during higher-paced workouts.

The Arctix Tundra features lightweight insulation with ‘heat-trapping microfibers designed to keep you warm and warm all day. Arctix Tundra’s are the best insulated work bib overalls for those on a tight budget.

One negative thing to note is that this bib doesn’t provide any buoyancy properties if you accidentally fall through the ice. So if you’re ice fishing alone, sometimes you should invest more in a premium bib because your safety is extremely important!


  • A wide variety of sizes.
  • It can keep you warm and prevent your body from scratches.
  • The material can wick moisture away from your body.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Good for ice fishing beginners.


  • There are not any floatation properties.

Bottom line

In conclusion, we think this warm overalls will be a good investment if you are new to winter fishing. Although the price is very moderate, it meets all your basic needs.

5. Berne Heritage Insulated Bib Overall 

Berne Heritage Insulated Bib Overall for men
Berne Heritage Insulated Bib Overall


Berne Workwear Heritage Overalls are a real staple for insulated workwear. One thing we like about these heavy duty work overalls is their material. This pair of medium-weight insulated bibs are 10 oz heavy duty waterproof cotton duck shells. 

If you are a busy worker and always busy with work, this is a perfect choice. Full-strength brass leg zippers make these bibs easy to get on and off. You can easily take off these overalls with just one hand. This feature will save you a lot of time and effort.

Three-needle stitched main seams, reinforced back pockets and nylon leg trim provide the long-lasting durability needed to get the job done. With this high durability, these winter work overalls become even more versatile. 

You can work with peace of mind without worrying about damaged or torn items. Its material also makes it difficult for dirt to stick to. You can even wash it completely and it will be like new again.

However, the size chart of this product can be quite misleading. That will result in you ordering a big work overalls. This may affect your experience.


  • Waterproof fabric keeps you comfortable.
  • Great keep warm.
  • Very easy to put on and take off.
  • Durable.
  • One of the best carpenter overalls in the market.


  • You must read the review, or else you will end up with a way too big overall size.

Bottom line

A few sizing issues don’t detract from the quality of this Berne overalls. This is the best work overall for its durability and water resistance.

6. Walls Big Smith Rigid Bib Overall 


Walls Big Smith Rigid Bib Overall for men
Walls Big Smith Rigid Bib Overall


For great everyday overalls, you can’t go wrong with denim. Although it may not be as thick as rubber and canvas materials, it still provides the wearer with comfort and durability. 

Walls men’s jean overalls are hard to beat for the price. Their three-stitch stitches make for near-invincible seams, and because they’re denim, they’re easy to wash and forget. 

I was finally delighted to find a company that made overalls that fit me well and still had many features that many manufacturers no longer include. Big Smith’s bib still has a watch pocket in the bib. 

They still have a bag of matches. They have a full-length septum between the plier’s pockets on the right leg. They have two pencil pockets and two bib pockets. 

They even provide a cell phone pocket underneath the hammer ring. They also have deep front pockets that keep your belongings from falling out while sitting or working on the ground under machinery.

However, if you are a lover of the old worn look of stonewashed denim. This is not necessarily the work bib overall for you. The blue color of this product is quite bright and fresh.


  • These bib overalls made in the USA.
  • There are many pockets so you can hold a lot of items.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • Fabric is soft and breathable.
  • Washing machine washable.


  • The blue color is brighter than expected.

Bottom line

All in all, this is one of the cheap overalls, but it is worth more than the money spent. Try it because you will feel extremely satisfied.

Top 5 Best Work Overalls for Women

1. Dickies Women’s Denim Bib Overall

Dickies Women's Denim Bib Overall
Dickies Women’s Denim Bib Overall


The first women’s work overalls mentioned on this list are definitely Dickies overalls. This is the safest choice for everyone.

These 100% cotton summer overalls offer a comfortable fit. Their straight legs are wide enough to wear knee-high boots if you so desire. 

These camisoles are styled in the traditional carpentry way, and they have a functional hammer strap. Because of these features, you can absolutely wear these work overalls when working in the summer. Extremely cool kinds of cotton will keep you from being constrained. Plus, regular washing will help your overalls last longer.

There is a scratch guard on the heel, to make them more durable and prevent fraying. These tend to be a bit large, so if you’re unsure about your size and think you’re in between two sizes then order the smaller of the two. These are very comfortable and a great choice as they must last for many years.

However, the color may be slightly different from the one shown in the picture. The blue color is usually brighter than described.


  • Reasonable price.
  • 100% cotton material keeps you cool all day.
  • Machine washable.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • It can last for years.


  • Not the exact stonewashed denim color like in the model picture.
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Bottom line

Despite the fact that the colors look brighter in the sample image, this is still worthy of being one of the best value work overalls for women.

2. Carhartt Women’s Weathered Duck Wildwood Bib Overalls  

Carhartt Women's Weathered Duck Wildwood Bib Overalls  
Carhartt Women’s Weathered Duck Wildwood Bib Overalls


In the 1800s, Hamilton Carhartt created his first overalls for railroad workers. Ever since their work overalls have helped set the standard for durable workwear. These women’s two-piece front bibs are built to stand the test of time. They’re made with heavy-duty, super-washed weather ducks for a worn-out feel. 

The fluffy quilted lining adds extra warmth through cold weather. This is one of our favorite points when it comes to these warm overalls. You can comfortably work in cold air while wearing it.

Another plus from the material is that it is extremely waterproof. This both helps you avoid inconveniences when working, and ensures extremely good warmth. Its color is also very suitable for work overalls. The color is dark so it won’t get too dirty and is easy to wash.

However, the part of the buckle will cause you a bit of trouble at first because it is a bit difficult to use. But once you get used to them, you will find them quite convenient.


  • One of the most durable work overalls.
  • Keep your body warm all day.
  • Dark colors do not show stains.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Extremely versatile.


  • The straps may be hard to snap at first.

Bottom line

We consider this among the best insulated bib overalls for women at the moment. It will take some getting used to this suit, but it’s well worth it.

3. Liberty Women’s Washed Duck Bib Overalls 

Liberty Women's Washed Duck Bib Overalls 
Liberty Women’s Washed Duck Bib Overalls


New from Liberty, these duck overalls are a bee’s knee. As work overalls tend to be too tight or loose and unwieldy, many people will be afraid to wear them.

Thankfully, Liberty has found a balance. These bibs are nice and durable without being bulky, and there’s clearly been some thought put into the cut. A wide range of sizes covers many, with S-2XL available. I wear these over leggings and sweaters to keep my stuff clean in the shed, and on cold days they make a great layer against the sharp Montana winds.

These soft overalls hold well and they are cooler than Carhartt overalls. They are a bit short in the body which I think is odd. Not so bad that you get yourself a wedgie. And even though they’re a bit long, it really works. When stretching, it doesn’t show the socks and possibly unshaven legs.

Another attractive thing is that the design of these Liberty lightweight overalls is extremely fashionable and stylish. That’s a point that we appreciate very much.

However, the leg is quite tight and narrow. This will expose you to quite a few defects in the shape of your legs.


  • Straps and buckles work better.
  • Green is very cute in person and won’t absorb too much heat in the sun.
  • Good quality. Beautiful pebble texture fabric.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Thin fabric good for summer.


  • Legs are a bit too thin. 

Bottom line

Although the leg is a bit narrower than expected. The Liberty overalls are still a worthwhile choice because of their stylish appearance and lightness.

4. Soojun Women’s Casual Baggy Denim Bib Overall 

Soojun Women's Casual Baggy Denim Bib Overall 
Soojun Women’s Casual Baggy Denim Bib Overall


Soojun Women’s Casual Baggy Denim bib is a functional overalls enjoyed by many women who love gardening, painting, or other functional projects. This pair of women’s denim overalls features two front patch pockets and two back patch pockets to keep your gear. 

With a loose and baggy style, Soojun Women’s Casual Denim Bib Overall offers a comfortable yet beautiful look. To provide functionality, it has four patch pockets, two on the front and two on the back. 

This master boasts adjustable straps to allow you to customize based on your taste and preferences. Besides, it has a multi-use design so it is suitable for vacations, casual times, and even daily life.

With a t-shirt and sneakers, it will create a complete look. These baggy overalls are perfect for everyday wear and vacations. Machine washes gently with cold water.

However, if you prefer a more fitting option. Then this is not necessarily the most suitable work overalls for you.


  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • This unit is machine washable in cold water.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Looks cute, stylish and elegant.
  • Soft and comfortable fabric.


  • Overall this is quite wide at the crotch area but not too uncomfortable.

Bottom line

These Soojun overalls will bring you a whole new experience. With its novel design, you might be addicted after trying it!

5. Revolt Juniors Baggy Straight Leg Cotton Twill Overalls

Revolt Juniors Baggy Straight Leg Cotton Twill Overalls for women
Revolt Juniors Baggy Straight Leg Cotton Twill Overalls


If you’re looking for lightweight overalls that can be worn both to work and for a walk, check out these Revolt overalls. This overalls has a very interesting design with a harmonious combination of pockets and buttons.

With that, you have a lot of color choices. There are over 20 different designs and colors to suit all your tastes. In addition, these work overalls are completely machine washable. So you won’t have to worry about washing it in winter.

Classic twill overalls with a loose-fit leg. Traditional bibs have chest and side pockets and buttons on the sides. You can try pairing it with a crop top or a long-sleeve t-shirt below!

The design helps to flatter your figure and make your legs much longer. This is definitely a product suitable for every lady. For me, the length is actually better than I expected and maybe just stretches them up an inch or two so I don’t drag the bottom through the dirt. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable and fit the waist area.

However, if you order the overalls in a small size, it may feel a bit loose.


  • Fits baggy straight legs for comfort.
  • Chest and side pockets make it easy to store small items.
  • Button closure on the sides provides a secure fit.
  • Very stylish overalls.
  • A wide variety of colors.


  • Small size with loose joints.

Bottom line 

With Revolt overalls, you will have a fashionable and attractive look. The design of this bib is sure to please every girl.

What are Work Overalls?

What are overalls?
What are overalls?

Overalls are a type of workwear made of tough cotton, denim, or linen fabric and are often used as workwear. 

It is a loose-fitting pair of pants with a supportive cross-strap. Or it is a half-sleeve shirt worn over casual shirts, vests, and trousers. The purpose of wearing overalls is to protect them from heat, cold, splashes, sparks, fire, and flying debris… in the workplace.

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Some people wear the dress as a fashion statement or for comfort rather than for work. A similar garment, covering the entire torso and upper arms, is also sometimes referred to by this name, although it is more commonly referred to as outerwear.

What’s the difference between bibs and Work Overalls?

What's the difference between bibs and overalls?
What’s the difference between bibs and overalls?

A bib is a type of clothing for infants that is tied around the neck to protect their clothes from getting dirty while eating. In other cases, it is a rectangular piece of material, bearing the bib number. Race participants wear it as an identification mark. Or it is the top of an apron or overalls.

Meanwhile, overall is a garment worn over other clothing to protect it. Coverall or boiler usually made of a piece of cloth, with long legs and a bib. It is supported from the shoulder by straps and with several pockets and loops that are large enough to carry tools. It can be suitable for clothing, manual labor or casual clothing.

That’s what we usually think of when we talk about bibs and overalls. 

However, they have a history behind them. Initially, the bib was designed as an extension of the leg, called a continuous bib. This style was prominent from the mid-1880s to the 1900s. 

In the late 1800s, the bib was redesigned as a separate piece of fabric that was attached to the trouser leg of the bib, known as an overall.

Types of Overalls

1. Farmer overalls

Farmer overalls
Farmer overalls

Farmers first began wearing denim overalls in the United States in the 1700s. They were originally called “slops” and became the standard uniform for the peasantry. 

The coveralls not only provide the necessary protection against dirt and oil, but they also fulfill the need for comfort. Farmer’s overalls come in many colors, but the most commonly used are blue, green, and gray. 

2. Work overalls

Work overalls
Work overalls

Workplaces are the place that overalls appear a lot. Well-known examples of this are car, motorcycle, and truck repair workshops. 

But overalls to work are still the regular outfit of many employees in warehouses. Reasonable, as they are sturdy, functional, and durable. Moreover, they can resist dirt very well. Wash them thoroughly once and they can be used again.

3. Farmsuit


One particularly mentioned when it comes to farmer overalls is the Farmsuit. Specially developed for people who often work in livestock environments.

Thanks to these special anti-odor bibs, the pungent smell of pets does not penetrate the skin and fur. Not less than 16 hours of odorless wear is an impressive number.

4. Fashion overall

Fashion overall
Fashion overall

The overalls are often sewn with jeans fabric is a fashion for both men and women. Besides the signature look of denim overall, its handy pockets are also appreciated by the wearer. 

The great advantage of these men’s overalls fashion is that they are suitable for everyone. From the catwalk to errands around the house, it’s all doable with a stylish overalls for guys.

5. Heat resistant coverall

Heat resistant coverall
Heat resistant coverall

Did you know that in the Netherlands, work overalls were originally called “boiler suits“? This is because the classifiers, who are experts at eating the residue from the inside of the boiler, mostly wear these types of work clothes. 

It would be nice if the camisole was heat resistant. The same is the case with firefighters and workers who work near ovens or other open flames.

How to choose the right size Work Overalls?

1. Waist sizing

Measure your waist at the navel and buy at least one size larger. It may seem huge. But many men wear casual pants and jeans under their belts or hide under their overlapping belts. So the waist size of their regular pants is not big enough for a comfortable fit with male overalls. Overalls need to be a bit loose for ease of movement. 

For women, the rule of thumb is to add 23 to the Women’s size. For example, Women’s Size 8 will convert to 31-inch waist size in work overalls. For accurate measurements, use a tape measure and measure your natural waistline.

2. Chest sizing

Take a tape measure and measure under the arm around the fullest part of the bust. While doing this, make sure that the tape measure stays level and comfortable around your torso.

3. Inseam sizing

Measure your inner circumference from the crotch to the hem. This measurement isn’t specific to girth, as the camisole’s hanging length changes as you adjust the shoulder straps. The panties need to be long enough so that the work overalls can fit comfortably without being constricted at the crotch.

4. Try on the overalls

Try on overalls, button down the side. The camisole should comfortably wrap around the waist without being constricting. 

If you’re going to wear just a strapped shoulder strap for a casual look, make sure the waist knots are just enough to hold the camisole in place. If you fasten both shoulder straps, adjust them so that they hold the bib in place without constricting your shoulders.

Conclusion: What is the Best Work Overalls for Men & Women?

Depending on the needs and specific situations, we will have different choices. All the bib overalls that we introduce above are based on objective assessments of quality, credibility as well as customer feedback.

If I had to choose which is the best work overalls, it would be hard to make a decision. However, our team highly appreciates Dickies overalls. These include Dickies Men’s Bib Overall and Dickies Women’s Denim Bib Overall. These products are affordable and cool. Plus, denim is suitable for any situation.

If you have to work in cold climates, staying warm is extremely important. That’s why we recommend Berne Men’s Heritage Insulated Bib Overall and Carhartt Women’s Weathered Duck Wildwood Bib Overalls. These are overalls with very thick and sturdy material. Plus, they’re completely waterproof so they’ll keep your body temperature steady.

What if the ladies want to choose fashionable work overalls that can be worn to go out? Don’t worry, we still have options for you. Consider Soojun Women’s Casual Baggy Denim Bib Overall and Revolt Women’s Juniors Baggy Twill Overalls. These are overalls with a very good design with lots of options. You can wear it out and still look good.

Those are some of our suggestions. How about you? Have you made your own choice yet?

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