Top Rated 8+ Best Work Pants for Mechanics 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

The job is extremely hard for mechanical workers, often having to operate and be exposed to other hazards. With such job characteristics, owning a suitable pair of work pants is indispensable.

To be more comfortable for your work, you need to buy yourself work pants with distinct characteristics. Below, we would like to send our readers the best work pants for mechanics.

All information about the product will be in the article below. Hopefully, it can bring you quality reviews about the product.

In order to give mechanics the right choice of products, Workwear Magazine have researched and compiled some questions below. And hope to be able to contribute to your decision.

What pants do mechanics wear?

Mechanical work pants are usually made of a blend of cotton and various synthetic fibers. At the same time, they also have many different designs from famous brands in the world.

Many mechanics will be inclined to opt for fireproof pants, and some stores will require a specific type of fireproof pants. The feature to look for in work pants is the grooved crotch.

The Best Work Pants for Mechanics Reviews In 2021

1. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants: Best in material

CQR Men's Tactical Pants: Best in material


Product highlights

The CQR Men’s Tactical Pants made of Duratex fabric repels dirt, liquids, and various types of contaminants.

In particular, this material also helps you comfortably operate in wet environments. That’s thanks to the perfect blend of ripstop polyester and cotton.

In addition, with the harmonious combination of those two materials, Tactical Pants pants also provide you with comfort, lightness, and comfort. You can use them all year round without worrying about anything. In the summer, they give you ventilation. At the same time, bring warmth in winter.

Far from normal pants, CQR Men’s Tactical Pants have a relatively different design. Its design is related to military and law enforcement. The biggest highlight of this design is the pocket at the knee.

Besides, CQR Men’s Tactical Pants also give users a pleasant feeling when working. The use time is relatively long and keeps the form for a long time.


  • Durable material
  • Used Time
  • Pockets are easy to get
  • Guaranteed safety


  • Value of money
  • Not really comfortable

Bottom line

You need CQR Men’s Tactical Pants in your wardrobe. With its material as well as its features, we find it worthy of your choice. It is also one of the most reliable, versatile, and functional pants.

2. Dickies Men’s Loose Work Pant: Best for functionality

Dickies Men's Loose Work Pant: Best for functionality


Product highlights

Dickies is a familiar name in the field of fashion products, especially work pants. This is a leading brand specializing in manufacturing workwear in the world.

Built and developed in 1922, Dickies has succeeded in providing users with quality protective suits at the right value.

The next strong point that we want to send to you about this type of pants is the product’s function. These pants have sturdy and durable metal hooks. Along with that is the signature tunnel ring for extra support.

Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pant is also a delicate combination of cotton and poly twill. This helps the pants keep their quality longer, without fading or fading. In addition, they also sew an extra layer of fabric at the knee to help them not become thin or shed.


  • Comfortable
  • Suitable material
  • Simple design
  • Unique function


  • Big size
  • High price
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Bottom line

If you are looking for a product that offers comfort, and durable quality, then Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pant is the choice that cannot be more affordable. They provide you with a great experience, the right quality, and the perfect fit.

3. Dickies Men’s Relaxed Straight-Fit Cargo: Best for design

Dickies Men's Relaxed Straight-Fit Cargo: Best for design


Product highlights

Yes, still a product from the Dickies brand. However, Relaxed Straight-Fit Cargo, has its unique characteristics.

The first thing to mention is the design of the pants. Relaxed Straight-Fit Cargo with a gentle, delicate structure that is not too fussy to help bring users comfort. The two sides of the product attach bags, convenient for the working process.

Relaxed Straight-Fit Cargo with 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton material gives customers durability over time. In particular, this is a typical pair of quality pants, and we can comfortably spin the washing machine without worrying.

In addition, with this material, the pants do not wrinkle or show folds when we store them in the tut. Bring customers to use high aesthetics.


  • Great material
  • Perfect quality
  • Light style
  • Sure


  • Non-standard Seam
  • Small Size

Bottom line

With a light and simple design, Dickies Men’s Relaxed Straight-Fit Cargo Work Pant deserves customer attention. We firmly believe that, with the material as well as the function that it brings, it will satisfy you.

4. LA Police Gear Men’s Water: Best usage

LA Police Gear Men's Water: Best usage


Product highlights

If you are looking for basic pants with a simple design, perhaps LA Police Gear Men’s is the right one.

The feature that LA Police Gear Men owns is the material. The gentle combination of Rip-Stop 65% Polyester/35% Cotton shows exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

It can be said that LA Police Gear Men’s is really an extremely useful product, easy to use. The pocket position of the pants identifies and sews clearly and precisely, allowing for easy access and use of your belongings.

In addition, LA Police Gear Men’s offers comfort that not all pants can. The simple, sophisticated design combines with additional padding in necessary places such as the knees or the seat to help users feel smooth and comfortable.

According to our assessment, these are specialized pants suitable for most mechanics today. The size of the pants is relative, ideal for many people. So they will allow the wearer to be comfortable, not entangled.


  • Comfortable, lightweight pants
  • Simple design
  • Cool material
  • Sweet, comfortable


  • Slightly wide
  • The color is not good

Bottom line

LA Police Gear Men’s is the perfect product, meeting all the needs of the wearer in terms of materials as well as safety. Please choose to experience the product and come back to give us feedback!

5. LA Police Gear Men’s Teflon Coated Water: Best elasticity

LA Police Gear Men's Teflon Coated Water: Best elasticity


Product highlights

True to its name, the product has extremely excellent waterproof features. That’s because they’re made from 65% Polyester/35% Cotton, which is tough and comfortable.

What’s more, the material has a Teflon coating, which helps minimize stains while maintaining breathability. In addition, with this coating, you can also easily clean and sanitize the pants when dirty.

The Stretch Technology system uses highly functional stretch panels in key areas for incredible comfort and mobility.

The elasticity of the new pants is the important point that we want to mention to you. LA Police Gear Men’s Teflon provides users with a comfortable, stretchy, and confident mode. And this is also an essential feature for mechanics.


  • Elastic waistband
  • Teflon coating
  • The seam is sure
  • Relative durability


  • Size is not suitable
  • Color.

Bottom line

During the work process, it seems that you have to be exposed to many different environments constantly. And LA Police Gear Men’s Teflon Coated Water is perfect for you. The waterproof feature ensures you’ll stay safe in wet environments.

6. Little Donkey Andy Men’s Quick Dry UPF: Best sun protection

Little Donkey Andy Men's Quick Dry UPF: Best sun protection


Product highlights

Extreme weather conditions are one of the factors hindering the work process of mechanics. However, if you choose Little Donkey Andy Men’s Quick Dry UPF, everything will be solved easily.

The product has outstanding sun protection features and protects from the sun. From there, you have a comfortable feeling even when working in the sun.

Little Donkey Andy Men’s Quick Dry UPF uses Nylon material combined with Spandex. With this combination, give your pants effective scratch resistance. At the same time, it is also a specific product because of its quick drying time.

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The design of the pants is relatively simple. Its main part seems to be in most of the pockets. It is equipped with up to 6 large bags, helping users to store utility items freely.

Besides using a handy zipper system, the manufacturer also equips the pants with an elastic belt. By this form, the product can fit most of the customer’s waist, which makes them feel most comfortable when wearing it.


  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable elastic belt
  • Great sun protection
  • Elasticity


  • Synchronization between products
  • Seam

Bottom line

In fact, there are very few products with such sun protection features. Therefore, you should choose Little Donkey Andy Men’s Quick Dry UPF for your work to be more convenient and safe. Please choose to buy and enjoy the outstanding features of the product!

7. CARWORNIC Gear Men’s Assault Tactical: Best for activity

CARWORNIC Gear Men's Assault Tactical: Best for activity


Product highlights

CARWORNIC Gear Men’s Assault Tactical is a specific product that provides users with a comfortable mode of operation, regardless of the circumstances. Made of 97% cotton + 3% spandex, it’s what you’d expect with a specialized product.

In particular, CARWORNIC Gear Men’s Assault Tactical with a tactical multi-purpose bag system design, the total number of bags is 9. A random number and worth noting.

In general, with the current broad context, you need such a pair of pants. It brings air, smoothness, and lightness, but it also helps to increase the aesthetics of the user in daily activities.


  • Good material
  • Fresh air
  • Many bags
  • Anti-abrasion


  • Price
  • Color.

Bottom line

The CARWORNIC Gear Men’s Assault Tactical with the right material, solid seams, and high durability are pants that you won’t find easily. Therefore, choose and cherish them to feel comfortable.

8. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Water Resistant Pants: Best in coatings

FREE SOLDIER Men's Water Resistant Pants: Best in coatings


Product highlights

FREE SOLDIER Men’s Water Resistant Pants are renowned for their DuPont TEFLON Coating, which repels stains, liquids, and soil. This way, you can comfortably work without worrying about getting dirty. In addition, it is also extremely effective against water and abrasion.

The design of the pants is also a point we need to pay attention to. Overall, the product has a strong structure, giving users a feeling of masculinity and confidence.

The bag system is arranged in an organized and reasonable manner to help the pants become more luxurious and synchronized.

With more than 10 pockets to store different gear, too handy. Whether for work or travel, they are perfect for bringing you an incredible experience.


  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Many bags
  • Handy design
  • Elasticity


  • Color
  • Difficulty moving.

Bottom line

FREE SOLDIER Men’s Water Resistant Pants is a waterproof product with a perfect finish. It is most suitable for people who often have to work at construction sites or in other environments.

6 Important Things To Consider When Buying Work Pants for Mechanics

6 Important Things To Consider When Buying best Work Pants for Mechanics


Safety is one of the essential requirements when you choose any product, not just work pants. Based on the nature of your profession, we think it’s natural for you to prioritize safety first.

You need to have thorough research on the product you intend to buy to make sure it can help protect you during work.

For example, when you start welding a certain iron, iron rays shoot out. By owning a quality pair of pants, it can help you protect your skin.

In general, you need to put your own safety first because it is necessary to ensure your health during work.


On the market today, there are many types of pants with different designs. Most of these designs were born based on the majority of customer needs.

Therefore, it is not too difficult for you to choose the style that you like.

We think that you should choose pants with a simple design, without being too picky. Only then, they help you easily operate in the process of working.

Besides, you also need to consider choosing pants with extra pockets on the thigh. That can help you easily carry more work tools, making work more comfortable and convenient.


We appreciate the product’s material and think that it is an extremely important factor that you need to pay attention to. A pair of good quality pants will give you comfort and help prolong your use.

Nowadays, with fierce competition from manufacturers. Choosing quality pants with worthy materials is not easy. Therefore, before deciding to buy, you need to learn a little about that type of pants.

The materials that we think are good are Waterproof fabric and stretchy. You need to give priority to these materials. Because it can bring the most pleasant and comfortable feeling when using it, and at the same time ensure your safety.

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Waterproofing is essential for your job. In particular, for those who often have to work in the rain or are exposed to water, waterproof pants are something to consider.

In addition, it also helps to bring you a pleasant feeling in the summer and not gas. And you will be surprised when owning a pair of waterproof pants because it gives you a great sense when working.


To evaluate the quality of work pants, we need to rely on many different factors. In particular, the price of the product is also something that you need to consider carefully.

You should remember that not every high price means quality and vice versa. To buy a product with a suitable price for the material, you need to be an experienced person and know how to filter information.

In fact, many of you make the mistake of thinking that a high price is a good product and then buy a very bad effect. The core of the problem that we want to mention here is knowledge and choice.

Made in the USA

Usually, products made in the USA are of much higher quality. However, the biggest drawback here is the price. And, this is not a factor that prevents customers from choosing to buy the product.

And of course, the USA is what we recommend you choose when shopping for work pants. We believe that you will surely be surprised by the material of the pants from the USA. Really above all awesome!


1. Are Dickies work pants any good?

From a consumer perspective, we realize that Dickies is really a brand you need to pay attention to. Most of the products here are carefully crafted with perfect fabric quality.

They are washed thoroughly, retain their color, and taken out of the dryer for immediate use without pressing. Combined with such pants, they can be simple t-shirts or specialized protective shirts. All are great.

They deserve the attention of users. And of course, when you wear those pants, you will feel extremely confident.

2. Are Dickies trendy?

Dickies is an American brand of workwear that first appeared in 1922.

This famous brand specializes in manufacturing fashion items, especially notable workwear in the world today.

During the past, Dickies has constantly developed and released many unique products suitable for most consumers. And this is also a fashion brand chosen by many famous singers in the world.

Dickies was one of the first workwear brands to become fashionable and boasted almost a century of business.

3. How tight should work pants be?

They often have to work for mechanics, so we find that medium-sized pants are relatively suitable for them.

You should limit wearing tight pants because this will cause discomfort for you, thereby affecting the working process. However, you should also not wear baggy pants because that will hinder and inconvenience the movement.

In general, you should still look for comfortable pants for you, as long as you feel comfortable enough.

4. What’s better, Carhartt and Dickies?

Although both these brands offer relatively similar prices and in common. Carhartt is a premium outerwear brand, while Dickies provides more affordable options.

And of course, in this article, we still recommend Dickies because of the variety of models it offers and the synchronization.

5. Why should you choose work pants for mechanics?

For a long time, mechanics have always ignored the factors that help them move more comfortably during work. They think it’s not really necessary.

Thinking that is completely wrong, with a pair of work pants, mechanics can operate easily and perform the operation much more conveniently.

Therefore, we believe that mechanics must have work pants in their wardrobe. While it’s not the prettiest product, it’s certainly practical pants for the job.

And of course, when you own it, you will love your job more and want to devote yourself to it. Take your pick and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

The above article is some information about the best work pants for mechanics that you need to refer to.

Through this article, we can help you choose the right product that suits your needs. And don’t forget to leave feedback when using the product. Your interest will be the motivation for us to try to learn and synthesize information.

Thank you for reading!

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